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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to World Pasta Day!

Pasta is made with flour, salt, water, and eggs. It comes in many shapes, like ribbons, cords, and tubes, and can be prepared in myriad ways, with different cooking techniques and in many recipes. It can be tossed with butter, cheese, seasonings, and sauces of tomato, seafood, and cream. Some pasta may be stuffed with meat, cheese, or spinach. Pasta is used in dishes like spaghetti, fettuccine Alfredo, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and penne and pesto, and in soups and casseroles.

SU News

Film Review: How Clemson’s pass rush led it to a comeback win against Syracuse (DO; Cirino)

No. 14 Syracuse entered halftime with an 11-point lead and three touchdowns against No. 5 Clemson. But the Tigers extended their home-winning streak to 38 games. Clemson tacked on 17 points in the fourth quarter while the Orange were held scoreless in the second half.

Syracuse’s offense slowly deteriorated in the final two quarters. Sean Tucker carried the ball a season-low five times. Clemson sacked Shrader just once in the first half, but they pinned him down four times in the second.

Here is how Clemson limited Syracuse’s offense in the second half:

Shrader sacked on SU’s opening drive of the second half

Syracuse began its opening drive of the second half pinned at its 4-yard line. Four plays into the drive, the Orange had only advanced a yard and were faced with a third-and-24 following holding and false start penalties.

Clemson disguised its prevent defense on this play, moving its linebackers up to the line to fake the blitz. Only three players rushed at Shrader after the snap, but Syracuse still struggled to block them as Chris Bleich even looked around for a few seconds before helping out anyone else.

Shrader saw the pocket close just moments after dropping back to his own goal line and he immediately took off to his left. He put his hand on Carlos Vettorello, who was blocking Ruke Orhorhoro. But Vettorello, like the rest of Syracuse’s offensive line, struggled to push his opponent forward and Shrader had to find another path.
Tight end Max Mang had tried to open a hole for him to run through up the middle. But Shrader’s hesitation and movement towards Vettorello took too long. Mang let go of Trenton Simpson, who he had been blocking. Simpson darted at Shrader as Myles Murphy provided more pressure from behind, taking down the quarterback.

All Syracuse had to do was advance the ball. But Shrader didn’t have any time to look for any of his deep options. Instead, he laid on the turf, behind the line of scrimmage.


Syracuse Desperately Needs a WR2 – Orange Fizz – Daily Syracuse Recruiting News & Team Coverage (; Simone)

Following Syracuse’s first loss of the season to Clemson Saturday, Garrett Shrader said, “I’d like one other guy to step up in that receiver room, just to help out. Spread things out a little bit.” You can say that again, Garrett.

Oronde Gadsden has been SU’s clear number one option in the pass game since his breakout performance against Purdue in week three. That’s great. The Orange went into this year not knowing who their first option would be. In week one against Louisville, seven different players caught a pass for Syracuse. That number jumped to 10 in week two against UConn.

Since then, however, it’s been a complete reversal from wide receiver by committee to there’s only one option. Gadsden caught six balls for 86 yards against the Tigers, an average of 14.3 yards per reception. Three other receivers caught a pass for the Orange: Damien Alford, Devaughn Cooper, and Trebor Pena. That trio combined for 7 catches and 63 yards, 9 yards per reception.

For the year, Gadsden has 593 yards, second most in the ACC, and five touchdowns, third in the conference. Alford, Cooper, Pena, and Courtney Jackson together have 643 yards and three touchdowns.

The stats paint a clear picture, but you don’t even need them. Just watch Shrader’s interception in the final minute that sealed the game for Clemson. Gadsden was in the slot, the Tigers dropped into zone coverage with three defenders circling the sophomore, and Shrader still threw it in his direction. The pass, of course, never made it to Gadsden, but it’s telling that, with the game on the line, Shrader would rather throw into triple coverage than target any other receiver.

Syracuse football: first down offense and 2nd-half breakdown vs Clemson (TNIAAM; Wall)

If the Syracuse Orange had held on to win against the Clemson Tigers I think we’d feel a lot better about the offensive game plan. That’s not to defend the lack of touches for Sean Tucker, but going back to the game log shows that the Orange kept a similar strategy in each half.

The big difference? Mistakes killed Syracuse in the second half. We’ll get into those but here are the first-down numbers for the game.

First down offense vs Clemson​

Run (Shrader)11Run (Shrader)3
Run (Shrader)6Pass (Pena)5
Pass (Gadsden)18Run (Tucker)23
Run (Shrader)3Pass (Incomplete)0
Pass (Cooper)25Run (Shrader)-3
Pass (Tucker)12 TDPass (Pena)5
Pass (Pena)3Run (Tucker)15
Pass (Incomplete)0Run (Shrader)3
Run (Tucker)13Run (Shrader)-3
Run (Allen)1Sack (Shrader)-9

Ex-LB Jake Flaherty to sing Anthem, predicts Syracuse win over Notre Dame - The Juice Online (the juice; Cheng)

The last time Syracuse football defeated Notre Dame, Jake Flaherty was in an Orange uniform. SU is looking to end a 14-year winless drought against the Fighting Irish, and Flaherty will once again be on the field.

Of course, this time will be a bit different. Back in 2008, Flaherty was Syracuse’s defensive captain, and played a key role in the Orange’s improbable 24-23 win over the Irish. On Saturday, Flaherty will be singing the National Anthem prior to the game, a throw back to his early post-Syracuse playing days, when he was a professional musician for Audio Revival, an award winning indie rock band. We chatted with Flaherty about his memories of Syracuse’s upset of Notre Dame, the waning days of the Greg Robinson era, his thoughts on SU’s loss to Clemson, and his overall thoughts on this year’s team in this week’s The Juice on the Cuse Podcast, presented by

If you remember back to that November week in 2008, Syracuse had just announced Robinson wouldn’t be retained for the following season, ending what was a tough period of Syracuse football. But while Robinson was certainly disappointed by losing his job, he kept it lighthearted with his team in practice. As Flaherty recalls, “a running back from our scout team broke through the line, and Greg actually ran up actually lowered his shoulder, and put his shoulder right into the chest of the running back. He was obviously doing it playfully, but everyone got a kick out of it. He was just trying to indicate to us […] that this is still a game that you’re really supposed to have fun.” It gave the team the mindset they needed to focus on pulling off the upset.

As for the game itself, Flaherty, who played at SU from 2004 to 2008, ended up making a key pass breakup against future (and current) NFL tight end Kyle Rudolph. In hindsight, Flaherty says he could’ve been flagged for pass interference, but “it’s not a penalty if they don’t call it,” he says with a smile. He finished with four tackles (two TFLs) in what was ultimately the signature win of the Robinson years.

Fast forward 14 years, and Flaherty continues to keep a close eye on the Orange while working for tech startup Terzo Cloud founded by former Syracuse athletes. His father, Todd, also played at SU, lettering in 1969, and suggested to the SU athletics administration that Flaherty sing the anthem given he was a member of the last team to defeat the Irish. The Orange and ND have played four more times since 2008, and the Irish have won all four of those games. But Flaherty expects Syracuse to improve to 7-1 after the SU defeats Notre Dame on Saturday.

“I think we’re going to see an incredible football game. I do think the Orange will prevail by a couple of scores, but I think we’re going to see a really good game.”

Syracuse football: Orange open as favorites at home against Notre Dame (TNIAAM; Haller)

This week the Syracuse Orange took a trip into Death Valley against the Clemson Tigers, and almost came out shocking the country. The squad was 13.5 point underdogs, on the road, in a place that an opponent hasn’t won in years. They came within a last second play of pulling off the upset. I recap what happened on that stage to set the following stage:

Syracuse has opened as the favorites this Saturday against Notre Dame per the DraftKings . The line has since moved from the -1 opening to currently sit at Syracuse, -3. A field goal favorite (home team standard) against a Notre Dame team that sits at 4-3 on the year and is coming off a high scoring win against UNLV.

The Orange covered against the spread last week as mentioned, moving them to 6-1 on the year in both record, and against the odds. Notre dame currently is sitting at 3-4 against the spread, failing to cover more often than not.

The over/under opened at 46 and is now sitting at 45.5 on DraftKings. Syracuse hasn’t been nearly as good at hitting the total points mark, only 2-5 hitting the over.

Notre Dame leads the overall series 7-2 and have won the last four, since the 2008 Greg Robinson upset of Charlie Weis in South Bend. The Irish did win the first contest between the two schools way back in 1914, as Buck O’Neill’s Syracuse squad lost 20-0 to a Jesse Harper coached Notre Dame at Archibold Stadium when it was but a wee 7 years old.

Do we think the Orange can cover? Let us know in the comments.


Syracuse coach Dino Babers talks to a referee during SU's loss to Clemson on Oct. 22. Babers said he submitted a handful of plays to the ACC for review following the game. Dennis Nett |

Babers on 2 crucial officiating moments from SU-Clemson: ‘I don’t understand’ (PS; $; Leiker)

Dino Babers addressed Monday a pair of crucial plays from Syracuse football’s 27-21 loss to Clemson, the videos of which are still making the rounds on Twitter two days after the game’s conclusion.

The two plays — one which resulted in a penalty and one which did not — directly impacted the result of the game.

Babers said during his weekly press conference he submitted both plays to the ACC for review, along with a few others.

Programs are allowed to turn in a handful of plays to the ACC following each game for review. The league rarely comments publicly on its reviews but will provide clarification on them to coaches.

Late in the third quarter Saturday, Clemson quarterback Cade Klubnik was scrambling toward the right sideline, pursued by SU defensive lineman Steve Linton. Fellow D-lineman Elijah Fuentes-Cundiff is pursuing Klubnik perpendicularly across the field, on track to force him out of bounds.

Cade Klubnik opens up about D.J. Uiagalelei, Clemson QB situation after beating Syracuse football (; Crawford)

Clemson freshman quarterback Cade Klubnik was ready to go when his number was called during Saturday's comeback win over Syracuse and made the most of his opportunity amid struggles from D.J. Uiagalelei. Klubnik lead three second-half scoring drives to help the Tigers stay unbeaten and win their 38th straight game at home, a new ACC record.

Klubnik entered the game midway through the third quarter with the Tigers trailing 21-10 following Uiagalelei's third turnover.

"We all have so much trust in D.J. and like we’ve been saying, he’s our guy," Klubnik said. "D.J.’s going to lead us. We’re all right behind him. That whole QB room is also tight. Just the love that we have in there. There’s not really one guy that stands out. Obviously, D.J. is the guy but, like, we’re all just so tight and we all just have so much trust in each other. When I finally got in there, I was kind of ready."

Here is what Klubnik said about his extended action, what Dabo Swinney told him and the situation with Uiagalelei moving forward.


"Coach Swinney’s been saying that confidence comes from preparation. Coach Swinney, Coach (Brandon) Streeter and that whole QB room, we’ve been preparing all week. We prepare every week like every single one of us is going to start the game, so we went into it … just excited to get my moment.
"Our offense, we were running the ball on them all day. They really just couldn’t stop our offense. We just kept shooting ourselves In the foot whenever we had some good drives going. I don’t think it was anything the defense was doing, it was just kind of us hurting ourselves."


"I mean, D.J. is just such a loving guy. Our relationships is just so tight. I think a lot of people see it more as a competition, but it’s really a loving opportunity that we have for each other. He’s been able to push me in so many ways and I think I’ve been able to do the same for him. I just try to be the best leader I can be in every opportunity. He gave me some last-minute tips and just said, ‘Just go score.’ He had full trust in me and I’m super thankful for that."


“He just came up to me first of all and told me he was proud of me, proud of me for playing my game. And the preparation we’ve doing over the past 10 months together, he was proud of me. I just told him, ‘This is your team, man. You might’ve had an off game, but this is your team and in two weeks from now, you’re going to come back and do something you’ve been wanting to do and waiting to do for a while against Notre Dame.’ We’re going to enjoy this. I think I’m getting a little bit too much of the credit.”


"Such a dream come true. I’m just so thankful for that moment. I kind of went into the game with a little bit different feeling. It’s been up and down throughout the year, but I’ve been such at peace with what God’s been doing. I’ve been having people kind of holding me along that, it’s just not my time, especially after the Georgia Tech game I got that one drive. I was so thankful to have that. Win a couple games and without getting to go in. I was just so thankful in having peace in that, that it’s God’s time and not mine. I kind of looked up before the last two-point and kind of took a glance around and (thought), ‘this is pretty dang cool.’"


“Yeah, I mean, I think it’s just another game in my career. I’m just so thankful for that opportunity that I got. I told coach Swinney … he asked me if I’m ready and I said yeah. Like I said, confidence comes in preparation and we had a great week preparing like we do every week. Like coach Swinney says, every week is the biggest game of the year. And this was a huge game for us, as every week is.”

Bleav in Syracuse Episode 54: Heartbreak in Death Valley (SI; podcast; Bleav)

Bleav in Syracuse podcast episode 54, presented by Bet Online and Hofmann Sausage Company, is out! The Orange traveled south to take on Clemson and suffered its first loss of the season 27-21 despite leading by 11 going into the fourth quarter. The guys break down the loss including Sean Tucker's carries, penalties/calls, Garrett Shrader's performance, the defense and much more. You can subscribe and listen on your favorite podcasting platforms as linked below.

2022 Notre Dame Football: Syracuse Orange Week (; Vowels & Rick)

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-3) VS #16 Syracuse Orange (6-1)

Regardless of what level of disappointment you’re at right now as a Notre Dame fan, the season is about to take a much more interesting turn.

Three of the final 5 opponents are currently ranked in the top 16. Notre Dame’s next two opponents, Syracuse and Clemson, are two of those ranked opponents and they just played a 6-point game.

Notre Dame is a much more talented team than the 4-3 record shows, but the overall team itself has been middle of the road at best. We’ve seen splashes of “really good” over the course of the first seven games, which makes the bad times that much more — well, bad.

So the Irish are traveling to play the Orange inside the Carrier Dome (only name I know) and it’s a pretty good Syracuse team, but their best win might just be against Purdue.

Let’s get it.

Saturday, Oct. 29th
Syracuse, N.Y.
Noon ET
ABC #GoIrish
— Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball) October 24, 2022

In the stream below, you’ll find everything you need to know for Notre Dame’s game against the Cardinal.

Syracuse Football: Still so much to play for, like top bowl and 11 to 12 wins (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football isn’t going to have an undefeated 2022 season. We figured that probably wouldn’t transpire.

The Orange is also not likely going to make the College Football Playoff. We didn’t expect that to occur, either.

The ‘Cuse, additionally, probably won’t win the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Atlantic division and compete for the 2022 ACC championship, with the title contest set for Saturday, Dec. 3, in Charlotte, N.C. Again, our expectations were that Syracuse football likely wouldn’t suit up in this game as well.

I know this backdrop sounds pessimistic, but rather, I’m really building up to a more optimistic viewpoint. Hear me out here.

With five regular-season encounters left on the 2022 slate, the Orange is 6-1, ranked No. 16 in both major top-25 polls, and has much left to play for in the coming weeks.

Syracuse football can still have a tremendous 2022 stanza.

Sure, the ‘Cuse dropped its first game of the 2022 campaign by losing to No. 5 Clemson on the road by six points this past Saturday afternoon.

Next up for Syracuse football is a home non-conference battle this Saturday against Notre Dame, with the kick-off scheduled for noon and television coverage on ABC.

Saturday's Orange Out vs. Notre Dame will be a noon kickoff on ABC.
— Syracuse Football (@CuseFootball) October 23, 2022

I don’t care that the Fighting Irish has its own TV deal and a huge fan base. Notre Dame, after beating UNLV last weekend, is 4-3. There is absolutely no reason why the Orange can’t conquer the Fighting Irish on the Hill.

WATCH: Clemson's Defense As Advertised Versus Syracuse (; video)

Clemson's defense would be needed all afternoon in their 27-21 victory over Syracuse. They finished the day with 5.0 sacks, 9.0 tackles for loss and R.J. Mickens' late-game interception put the finishing touches on a masterful effort.

Notre Fame Fighting Irish vs Syracuse Orange Prediction | Week 9 College Football | 10/29/22

Warning. Language not safe for work...

Tune in as Conor (@conormacpicks) and Ian (@Bobano) preview and predict Saturday's NCAA Football Clash as the Notre Fame Fighting Irish take on the Syracuse Orange.


Garrett Williams Cornerback Syracuse - Latest News (

Notre Dame Depth Chart | Syracuse Week (

Notre Dame has released its depth chart for Saturday's game against No. 16 Syracuse


QBDrew PyneSteve Angeli
RBChris Tyree ORLogan Diggs ORAudric Estime
WRLorenzo StylesDeion Colzie
WRJayden ThomasMatt Salerno
WRBraden LenzyJoe Wilkins Jr.
TEMichael MayerMitchell Evans Holden Staes/Davis Sherwood
LTJoe AltTosh Baker
LGJarrett Patterson Andrew KristoficRocco Spindler
CZeke CorrellPat Coogan
RGJosh LuggAndrew Kristofic
RTBlake FisherMichael Carmody

VyperIsaiah FoskeyJustin Ademilola ORJordan Botelho
DTJayson AdemilolaChris Smith
DTHoward Cross IIIGabe Rubio
DERylie MillsNana Osafo-MensahAlexander Ehrensberger
WillMarist LiufauJack Kiser ORPrince Kollie
MikeJD Bertrand ORJunior Tuihalamaka
RoverJack KiserJD Bertrand
CBCam Hart ORTaRiq BracyJaden Mickey
CBBenjamin MorrisonClarence Lewis
SBrandon Joseph ORRamon Henderson
SDJ Brown ORHouston Griffith

KickoffZac Yoakam Bryce McFerson
KickerBlake GrupeZac Yoakam
PunterJon SotBryce McFerson
Long SnapperMichael VinsonAlex Peitsch
Holder Jon SotBryce McFerson
Punt ReturnerBrandon JosephMatt Salerno
Kick ReturnerChris TyreeLorenzo StylesBraden Lenzy

Quick-hitters: Marcus Freeman on Syracuse offense, Steve Angeli, staying urgent (; Engel)

Notre Dame plays the first of three ACC opponents in a four-week stretch Saturday when it takes on No. 16 Syracuse (6-1, 3-1). Head coach Marcus Freeman began game week with his usual Monday afternoon press conference. Here are some topics he discussed.

On how much he follows the ACC

“Really just crossover games. I was right in the middle of watching the Syracuse-Clemson game. You try not to look at the other team, but we know we play Clemson afterwards. I was watching the entirety of the game and watching both sides of the ball. You pay more attention as you get closer to that game week, but with our schedule and all the different conferences we play against, it’s hard to just focus on one league.”

On Syracuse RB Sean Tucker

“Man, is he a good running back. He’s talented. He’s a home-run type running back. He can be a threat in the pass game. you saw him catch a couple balls against Clemson too. He’s talented, tough, you see him just run through guys. He’s a physical running back.”

On Syracuse QB Garrett Shrader

“The quarterback is special. He’s a veteran guy, played two years at Mississippi State, in his second season here. The one thing you see, I saw a stat he had been with four different coordinators. He understands the game of football. He’s not just a one-system guy. He can extend plays with his feet. He can run. He has a good arm, makes good decisions. It’s going to be a huge task when you’re talking about a quarterback who can run it, throw it, makes good decisions and takes care of the football.”

On Notre Dame RB Logan Diggs’ mindset after 28 carries

“We take pride in using three running backs and sharing the bulk of those carries. We were at practice yesterday and Logan was the first guy when we were running in our warmups – ‘I’m hurting, but I have to put the work in.’

“That’s the maturity of that room and that young man. We have to be a team that continues to use multiple running backs. We’re not going to be a one-running back team. You can’t. Not against the teams we play, the physicality, how many times we run the ball.”

On how Notre Dame RB Audric Estime has responded to three fumbles in four games

“Not well. He’s tough on himself, as are we on him. He has high expectations for himself. He understands the reality of how important it is to make sure we have possession of that ball. At the same time, we have to find ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. Whichever ways we can do that – I know [running backs coach Deland] McCullough works on ball security – we can’t live up practice [with more contact] right now going on Game 8.”

On the importance of getting backup QB Steve Angeli ready

“We don’t have an option. If something happened to Drew Pyne, Steve is going in the game. We have the utmost confidence in him. One thing I spent a lot of time on with [offensive coordinator Tommy] Rees is what’s our package we have for Angeli?

Fumble-itis is wearing on Audric Estime and Notre Dame football (; Beradino)

If Audric Estime admittedly lost sleep after a goal-line fumble in a win at North Carolina, how is the sophomore running back holding up after two more lost fumbles the past two weeks?

“Not well,” Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman said Monday. “He’s tough on himself, as are we on him. He has high expectations for himself.”

Estime, the team’s leading rusher with 435 yards and six touchdowns, did not touch the ball again on Saturday after he fumbled at the Irish 41 on the second play of the second quarter. Logan Diggs took over and finished with a career-high 28 carries and 130 rushing yards.

Diggs, who sat out the Cal game on Sept. 17 due to illness, has caught Estime in rushing attempts but his per-carry average of 4.6 yards is nearly a full yard less than Estime’s 5.5. Junior Chris Tyree is averaging 4.3 yards on his 70 carries.

Just two FBS running backs have more fumbles than Estime: Stanford’s Casey Filkins and Alabama-Birmingham’s DeWayne McBride each have four. After his lost fumble at UNC, Estime said he couldn’t remember ever fumbling at any level of football until then.

“We can’t put the ball on the ground,” Freeman said. “That’s the reality of it. Nobody has lost faith in Audric Estime, but he understands that when you have that ball, your job is to hand it to the official.”

Notre Dame is minus-7 in turnover margin. Only eight FBS teams have been worse in that department as the Irish prepare to face No. 16 Syracuse on the road Saturday at noon.

The Orange, who lost despite being plus-3 in turnover margin at Clemson, are plus-six overall, tied for 16th nationally.

The Football Game All Of New York Is Excited For (; Moden)

The Buffalo Bills have been enjoying some rest during the bye week this past weekend and are getting ready for the Sunday Night Football contest against the struggling Green Bay Packers. As big as that game is going to be, there is another game that many in New York State are excited for.

If you love football and you grew up in New York State, there is a good chance you have been rooting for Syracuse Orange football. I can remember as a kid making the drive with friends to see Syracuse play at home! My first big-time football memories are from the road trips to The Carrier Dome on the weekend.

There is also a very good likelihood that you have been a fan of Notre Dame your entire life. Just walk around Western New York and you will see the luck of the Irish representing in and around Buffalo. The two teams will meet this weekend for one of the most hyped games for both schools and the college football world as Syracuse is pretty darn good this season.

Syracuse only slips 2 spots in the AP poll, sitting at No. 16 for Notre Dame week.
— Kate Callaway (@KateCallawayTV) October 23, 2022

'Cuse vs. Notre Dame

Let's Defend the Dome!
— Syracuse Athletics (@Cuse) October 24, 2022

There simply is nothing like the atmosphere around a college game. The energy is off the charts and the students and staff are already pumped as they are ready to see what their ranked team can do in the national spotlight this weekend.

Syracuse only slips 2 spots in the AP poll, sitting at No. 16 for Notre Dame week.
— Kate Callaway (@KateCallawayTV) October 23, 2022

Pitt-Syracuse set for 3:30PM kickoff (; Sturchio)

I know everyone is still recovering from the massive disappointment from the Panthers on Saturday night at Louisville, but just like the coaches say we are on to the next. With the Panthers slated for another prime-time game in Chapel Hill, some were wondering if the Panthers would still get prime-time games even with a struggling offense. It looks like we now have an answer as the Pittsburgh Panthers and Syracuse Orange game scheduled to be played on November 5 has been given its official start time. The game will be played at Acrisure Stadium and will kick off at 3:30 PM.

GAME TIME » Pitt Syracuse

Saturday, Nov. 5 ⏰ 3:30 p.m.

@ACCNetwork #H2P » #WeNotMe
— Pitt Football (@Pitt_FB) October 24, 2022

The Panthers hope to bounce back before this contest as they compete against the North Carolina Tar Heels this Saturday night after an embarrassment against a Cardinals team they were better than.

The Orange, on the other hand, took Clemson to the wire in Death Valley and now look to continue a dominant season as they battle the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this Saturday at Noon.

ACC News

Young Claims ACC Receiver of the Week Honors (

Colbie Young of the University of Miami football team is the ACC Receiver of the Week, as announced Monday afternoon by the conference office.
The sophomore totaled six catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns Saturday against Duke at Hard Rock Stadium. The yardage total and touchdown count were both the highest marks by a Hurricane this season.
Young, who hails from Binghamton, N.Y., recorded the most yards by a Miami receiver since Charleston Rambo on Nov. 6, 2021, versus Georgia Tech. Young also became the first Hurricane since Rambo with back-to-back 100-yard receiving outings since Rambo on Nov. 20 and No. 27, 2021, against Virginia Tech and at Duke, respectively.

UNC Football: The Coastal is within reach (tarheelblog,com; Hood)

In the last season of divisions in ACC Football, there was cause to think that one more round of “Coastal Chaos” would envelop the division, as over half of the teams entered the year with brand new coaches, and the ones with some stability had questions at quarterback. Miami was picked to win, but it was mostly with a shrug as no one was really sure how things would play out.

With five games left, chaos is indeed the rule of law in the Coastal...except at the top.

As we wake up to Homecoming against Pittsburgh this weekend, the Tar Heels are staring down a chance to seize control of the division. Thanks to Duke’s comeback win against Miami, as well as Louisville’s grinding out win over Pittsburgh, Carolina sits at 3-0 in the ACC, while no other squad has less than two losses. Duke and Miami have already lost to the Tar Heels, so they effectively sit three games behind the Tar Heels. Pitt and Georgia Tech have dates in Chapel Hill coming up.

In simplest terms: a Carolina win this weekend would have Carolina 4-0 in the Coastal with four games left, and either a real or effective three-game lead over almost everyone else in the conference. The only one they have yet to see is Georgia Tech, who is starting to see the magic run out of their run. All of a sudden their remaining schedule of Virginia, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and NC State looks a lot less daunting.

That said, nothing is secure yet. It would be the epitome of Coastal Chaos to make you think that a team had a solid hold on the crown, only to stumble at the end of the season. There are also a ton of pitfalls for this squad: the defense is still one that can't be fully trusted, Pittsburgh has the type of ball control offense and steady defense that can give the high-octane offense of Carolina issues, Mack Brown STILL hasn’t won a game in Charlottesville in his career, there’s no way to know how wild the Wake Forest game will be, and just about anything can go when the Wolfpack come into town, especially as that game increasingly becomes the only way to salvage what was supposed to be a special season.

Total Revenue, ACC vs Big XII, 2020-21 (RX; HM)

Total Revenue, ACC vs Big XII, 2020-21

If you've been on twitter, YouTube, listened to sports talk radio, or visited any of the general college football boards, you've certainly read or heard by now how the ACC isn't able to pull anyone from the Big XII but, rather, it's only a matter of time before the Big XII picks over the carcass of the ACC...
Time for a CFB economics lesson.

There's this Auburn fan who goes by the nickname "JRSEC" who posts every year what he calls "Gross Total Revenue" numbers, which is an attempt to normalize the various accounting methods used by the P5 conferences and simply come up with total revenue. Here are the 2020-21 numbers for the Big XII:

Big XII:
RankSchoolTotal $
52Texas Tech$79,506,027
56Iowa State$75,843,212
57Oklahoma State$75,476,211
62Kansas State$67,602,026
63West Virginia$64,937,194
Total (10 schools)$917,407,366
Average Per School$91,740,737
Avg w/o Oklahoma or Texas$83,434,473

When we look at the average income for all 10 Big XII schools ($91,740,737), we see that only four member schools are above the average, but two schools are more than 50% above it (Oklahoma and Texas). With the Big XII set to lose its two most-valuable assets in 2025, what does that do to the average? It knocks it down about $8.3 million each. (I didn't include the teams coming over from the American because that would obviously bring the average down even more).
Now let's look at the ACC:

RankSchoolTotal $
12Notre Dame*$128,685,354
30North Carolina$99,977,454
39Wake Forest$91,068,408
46Florida State$85,257,654
47Virginia Tech$84,318,484
51Boston College$81,390,366
53NC State$77,528,201
59Georgia Tech$72,219,901
Total (15 schools)$1,419,519,121
Average Per School$94,634,608
Avg w/o Notre Dame$92,202,412

The 15-team* ACC average ($94,634,608) was about $3 million more than the Big XII 10-team average right off the bat, but I'm sure some would object to including Notre Dame, so I computed the average without the Irish ($92,202,412) - it was still higher than the Big XII average with Texas and Oklahoma included (by about $500k per team)!

Let me state that again for emphasis: the ACC without Notre Dame brought in more money per school (on average) in 2020-21 than the Big XII with Oklahoma and Texas; take out the two plums and the Big XII average drops over $8 million per team.

Looking Forward to 2022 Week 10 (RX; HM)

Looking Forward to 2022 Week 10

From the official ACC release of Oct. 24, 2022...

ACC Announces Football Game Times & Networks for Nov. 5

GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – The Atlantic Coast Conference and its television partners announced the following football game times and networks for Nov. 5.

Friday, Nov. 4

Duke at Boston College, 7 p.m., ESPN2*

Saturday, Nov. 5

North Carolina at Virginia, Noon, ACC Network
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, 12:30 p.m., RSN
Syracuse at Pitt, 3:30 p.m., ACC Network
Clemson at Notre Dame, 7:30 p.m., NBC*
Florida State at Miami, 7:30 p.m., ABC
James Madison at Louisville, 7:30 p.m., ESPNU
Wake Forest at NC State, 8 p.m., ACC Network
All times are Eastern.
* previously announced


The schedule for Week 10 (not a great week for ACC games, to be honest) really highlights the benefit of the ACC Network from a scheduling point of view. Without the ACCN, I think the ACC ends up with four games in the noon window. Instead, there are four games on Saturday Night...

Around the ACC: Week 9 (SI; Bowles)

Florida State (4-3) is fresh off its BYE week and hosts Georgia Tech (3-4) on Oct. 29 at noon. The Seminoles' three-game losing skid threw their hopes of contending in the Atlantic division out the window.

Outside the matchup in Tallahassee, there are six other Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) games in Week 9, including four ranked programs in action.

Here is the full slate of games.


No. 16 Syracuse (6-1) vs. Notre Dame (4-3) - Oct. 29, Noon

The Orange suffered their first season loss on Oct. 22 against Clemson (27-21). However, they held a 21-10 lead and proved their six wins aren't a fluke. They'll face a Notre Dame program that has failed to meet expectations under first-year head coach Marcus Freeman but has victories against programs like North Carolina and BYU.

UConn (3-5) vs. Boston College (2-5) - Oct. 29, Noon

UConn enters this contest after a BYE week, while the Eagles are coming off a 43-15 loss versus Wake Forest. This matchup projects as a low-scoring affair, as the Eagles and Huskies each average less than 20 points per game.

Louisville (4-3) vs. No. 10 Wake Forest (6-1) - Oct. 29, 3:30 p.m.

This matchup pits two of the most experienced quarterbacks in the ACC against one another in Sam Hartman (Wake Forest) and Malik Cunningham (Louisville). However, Hartman has separated himself from Cunningham (and most quarterbacks in the nation) with 1755 yards, 21 touchdowns, and three interceptions thus far.

After their matchup versus Louisville, the Demon Deacons face three consecutive ranked opponents (NC State, North Carolina and Syracuse).

Cross Divisional:

No. 24 NC State (5-2) vs. Virginia Tech (2-5) - Oct. 27, 7:30 pm.

The Wolfpack are moving forward after quarterback Devin Leary suffered a season-ending torn pectoral muscle injury earlier this month against Florida State. They'll have a favorable matchup against the Hokies, who haven't won since defeating Wofford 27-7 on Sept. 17.

Virginia Tech has won five consecutive in this series dating back to 2005.


Virginia (3-4) vs. Miami (3-4) - Oct. 29, 12:30 p.m.

In the offseason, some around college football tabbed both of these programs as candidates to win a seemingly open Coastal division due to their returning quarterbacks junior Tyler Van Dyke and redshirt senior Brennan Armstrong. However, Van Dyke and Armstrong haven't replicated their 2021 success and both offenses have sputtered.

The loser of this matchup faces an uphill battle getting to bowl eligibility.

No. 21 North Carolina (6-1) vs. Pittsburgh (4-3) - Oct. 29, 8 p.m.

Head coach Mack Brown and the Tar Heels are searching for their first coastal divisional title since 2015 and have an opportunity to put themselves in the driver's seat with a victory over the Panthers. Pittsburgh has lost two of its last three and didn't score a second-half touchdown in last week's loss against Louisville.

The history of this series is fascinating. Since 2000, the two programs have played 10 times. All 10 games have been decided by seven or fewer points and five have been decided by three points or less.

Wake Forest Football: Louisville Team Overview (SI; Rausch)

The Deacs advanced to a 6-1 record, 2-1 in conference, with a 43-15 win over Boston College this past weekend. Wake now sits at No. 10 in the AP Poll, tied with USC, and is a top 10 football program for just the second time in school history.

Wake Forest will head to Louisville on Saturday to face the Cardinals, looking to advance to 7-1 and solidify their top ten ranking.

Let’s take a look at their opponent.

Matchup History:

Louisville joined the ACC in 2014 and has faced Wake Forest eight times since being in the conference. The Cardinals and Deacs first met in the Orange Bowl in 2007 and the Cardinals were victorious, winning 24-13.

In their nine-game history, Louisville holds a 6-3 series record over Wake Forest.

The Deacs defeated Louisville 37-34 last season on a game-winning kick from Nick Sciba.

Louisville in 2022:

The Cardinals hold a 4-3 record through seven games, with a 2-3 record in conference play. After losing 34-33 to Boston College, the Cardinals have won consecutive conference matchups over Virginia and Pitt.

Under center, Malik Cunningham has 14 touchdowns this season, nine of them coming on rush attempts. Cunningham has carried the ball 80 times for 503 yards (6.3 YPC), leading the team in rushing yards.

In their final five games, Louisville faces four ranked opponents: No. 10 Wake Forest, No. 5 Clemson, No. 24 NC State and No. 19 Kentucky.

ACC Football Week Nine Power Rankings - Sports Illustrated Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets News, Analysis and More (SI; Caudell)

Only four games were on the ACC schedule this weekend, but there was plenty of intrigue about what was going in the conference.

Clemson and Syracuse were facing off in the de-facto ACC Atlantic championship game and it was much closer than many expected. Syracuse led 21-10 going into the fourth quarter of the game, but a strong running game from the Tigers and a great effort from the defense in the second half made it all but certain that Clemson is going to be in Charlotte for the ACC Championship game.

Elsewhere around the league, Duke blew out Miami and forced EIGHT turnovers, Wake Forest looked good coming out of the bye week and beat Boston College, Pitt had four turnovers in a loss to Louisville, and Georgia Tech's winning streak was snapped in the loss to Virginia.

Here are the ACC Power rankings heading into week nine.

14. Miami (3-4, L vs Duke 45-21)

A nightmare first season for Mario Cristobal got worse on Saturday when his Hurricane team got demolished by Duke and the offense had eight turnovers. To make things worse, quarterback Tyler Van Dyke was injured and his status is unknown going forward.

This might be a longer rebuild than most thought and there is a real chance the Hurricanes miss a bowl game. Miami travels to Virginia next week.

13. Boston College (2-5, L vs Wake Forest 43-15)-

The Eagles had to take a trip to Winston-Salem to face a great Wake offense and Boston College could not keep the game close, despite another great performance from wide receiver Zay Flowers. Flowers had 10 catches for 135 yards and one touchdown and is the only source of offense for Boston College right now.

The Eagles have a winnable game on the road at UConn next week.

12. Virginia Tech (2-5, Bye week)-

Virginia Tech was off this past weekend and will have a Thursday night road trip to Raleigh to face NC State.

11. Georgia Tech (3-4, L vs Virginia 16-9)

Georgia Tech had been 2-0 since interim coach Brent Key took over, but suffered an ugly loss to Virginia on Thursday night. Starting quarterback Jeff Sims suffered an injury in the game and was replaced by backup quarterback Zach Gibson. Gibson was sacked seven times and the Georgia Tech offense could be in for an ugly few weeks if Sims can't play.

All of the momentum that Tech had is gone and now the Yellow Jackets must face a Florida State team on the road that is looking to snap their three-game losing streak.

10. Virginia (3-4, W vs Georgia Tech 16-9)

The Cavaliers were reeling heading into their matchup with Georgia Tech, but they found a way to get a win on the road. The offense turned the ball over four times, but UVA was able to take advantage of an overmatched Georgia Tech offensive line and get eight sacks.

This team still has a long way to go, but they are finally in the ACC win column under Tony Elliott. Virginia has a chance for another ACC win this week against Miami.

9. Pittsburgh (4-3, L vs Louisville 24-10)

The Panthers had a very disappointing loss to Louisville on Saturday and now are 4-3. The thought of repeating as Coastal division champions is slipping away and is due in large part to turnovers. Pitt had four last night and had three in an earlier loss to Georgia Tech. The defense played well enough to win, but the passing game has been subpar for the Panthers. Running back Israel Abanikanda had 129 yards and one touchdown and continues to be the main source of offense.

Pitt travels to North Carolina next week.

8. Louisville (4-3, W vs Pitt 24-10)

The Cardinal's defense forced four turnovers and the offense did just enough to secure a win over Pitt. All of the talk in recent weeks has been about Scott Satterfield being on the hot seat, but he kept that at bay with another win.

This team will still have to battle to make a bowl game. Wake Forest and their explosive offense will travel to Louisville to face Malik Cunningham and the rest of the Cardinals next week.

7. Florida State (4-3, Bye week)

Florida State was on a bye week and will look to end its three-game win streak this weekend against Georgia Tech.

6. Duke (5-3, W vs Miami 45-21)

Duke had lost two games in a row but bounced back in a big way on Saturday against Miami. The defense forced eight turnovers and quarterback Riley Leonard had four total touchdowns.

The win is the largest ever for Duke over Miami and snaps a two-game losing streak to the Hurricanes. The Blue Devils are one win away from bowl eligibility and have a bye week coming up.

5. NC State (5-2, Bye week)

NC State was on a bye week and will have a Thursday night game against Virginia Tech on Thursday night.

4. North Carolina (6-1, Bye week)

North Carolina was on a bye week and will return for a home game against Pittsburgh next week. North Carolina is undefeated in conference play and has a commanding lead in the Coastal division.

3. Syracuse (6-1, L vs Clemson 27-21)

There is no shame in losing a close game to Clemson on the road, but for running back Sean Tucker not to have more touches in the game than he did is a head-scratcher. The play calling by the Orange in the second half was questionable and the run defense was not good enough against Will Shipley and the rest of the Tigers.

ACC Power Rankings: SU won’t reach the summit, but it proves it belongs near the top (PS; $; Mink)

It seems fitting Clemson will come to represent the Atlantic in the ACC title game in what is the final season before the league scraps the two-division format.

The Tigers have made Charlotte an annual visit during Dabo Swinney’s tenure, and after falling short a year ago, Clemson is back on top of a league it has owned for most of the last decade.

It didn’t come easy. The Tigers escaped a double-overtime thriller at Wake Forest last month before clawing back from an 11-point deficit in a hard-fought, six-point win at home vs. Syracuse.

No, the Orange won’t quite reach the summit this season.

But it belongs near the top.

And second place isn’t so bad.

1. Clemson (8-0, 6-0 ACC)

Last game: W 27-21 vs. Syracuse
Next game: at Notre Dame; 7:30 p.m. (Nov. 5); NBC

Clemson can clinch the Atlantic Division with a win against Louisville or Miami (Fla.) next month.

The Tigers are the ACC’s last hope for a College Football Playoff participant, and non-conference games against Notre Dame and South Carolina to close the regular season stand as potential land mines.

2. Wake Forest (6-1, 2-1 ACC)

Last game: W 43-15 vs. Boston College
Next game: at Louisville; 3:30 p.m.; ACC Network

The Dave Clawson-Warren Ruggiero brain trust has Wake Forest in the Top 10 for the second-straight season, the first time that has happened in school history. They also have Wake Forest bowl eligible for the seventh year in a row.

Incredibly, it came after Wake’s first home win against Boston College in 10 years.

Sam Hartman eclipsed the 11,000-yard mark. Just three ACC quarterbacks have thrown for more yards.

  • Philip Rivers; N.C. State; 13,484
  • 2. Kenny Pickett; Pittsburgh; 12,303
  • 3. Tajh Boyd; Clemson; 11,904

3. Syracuse (6-1, 3-1 ACC)

Last game: L 27-21 at Clemson
Next game: vs. Notre Dame; noon; ABC

Clemson is to football what Duke has been on the basketball side for SU.

There’s been thrilling games, upsets and controversial calls as the Orange compete against two of the ACC’s flagship programs in the two highest-revenue sports.

And there’s the feeling with both that SU is just an annoying little brother. The real rivals for Clemson and Duke are in-state.

Still, we got K.J. Henry trolling Sean Tucker with a postgame tweet. Xavier Thomas piling on. Mikel Jones joining the fray and sticking up for his guy.

One problem with starting the countdown clock for payback next season in the JMA Wireless Dome: Henry, Thomas, Jones and Tucker probably will have all moved on to play professionally.

I am #PL34SED with our performance (well only in the 2nd half ) #SuccessfulSunday
— KJ Henry (@thekjhenry) October 23, 2022

Ya mans lame af, we ain’t say nun bout Mr.Ukulele
— Mikel Jones (@KelxJones) October 23, 2022



Laying the 54 inch pipeline that provides Lake Ontario water to Onondaga County in 1967

How will Onondaga County supply Micron with 20 million gallons of water every day? (PS; $; Coin)

If fully built, the Micron Technology chip plant in Clay could use 20 million gallons of water every day — as much as 150,000 homes use.

Half of that water would come from Lake Ontario via existing treatment and piping systems. The other half would be recycled by a county wastewater treatment plant and then sold back to Micron – an untested idea for which there are few specific details.

The start of construction for the $100 billion Micron factory just announced this month, is at least two years away, and full buildout could take two decades.

Micron and local officials say the plant off Route 31 could employ 9,000 people and generate an additional 40,000 jobs and a population boom.

It will also use a lot of water: Micron would require five times as much water as any of the largest industrial users served by the Onondaga County Water Authority, including the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Baldwinsville.

Chip fabrication plants need so much water because each of the chip’s 25 to 30 layers must be washed and polished. Most of the water has to be refined in the plant to what is known as “ultra pure,” which removes tiny sediments that could damage the chips.

OCWA has enough water allotted from Lake Ontario to provide Micron’s 20 million gallons a day. The agency isn’t planning to do that, though, because it would require spending hundreds of millions to upgrade a treatment plant near the lake and to lay a new, 26-mile pipe from Oswego to Clay.

That’s one reason officials are pitching the wastewater plan. Here’s how it might work, according to Bob Petrovich, executive director of the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, which is heading the Micron project:

  • OCWA would provide Micron with 10 million gallons per day of Lake Ontario water, which would be treated to drinking water standards.
  • Micron, in its own process on the company’s campus, would remove microscopic sediments to create “ultra pure water” clean enough to wash the tiny computer chips.
  • After the water is used for manufacturing, Micron would treat it again to remove ammonia and other potentially harmful chemicals before discharging it into sewer lines to the Oak Orchard plant.
  • Oak Orchard would treat that water and send it back to the plant as “reclaimed” water to be made “ultra pure” and used on the factory line. Micron would pay a negotiated price for that water.
  • Water from toilets and sinks at the chip plant, plus some undetermined amount of the factory line water, would be treated at Oak Orchard and discharged into the Oneida River.


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