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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to Get a Different Name Day!

Get a Different Name Day is dedicated to all those who hate their birth names. According to the creators of the day, "On this day we may change our names to whatever we wish and have the right to expect colleagues, family and friends to so address us." It appears to be a tongue-in-cheek holiday where people aren't necessarily making their name changes legally. Although today's holiday is for those who change their name because they dislike it, there are many other reasons why people make a switch.

Marriage and divorce are the top reasons why people change their name. Some people change their name because they want to hide from something. Although a legal name change can't be done to evade law enforcement or debt, some people change their name just to have a fresh start. People who are transgender may change it after transitioning to a new gender. Some change their name so it sounds less "ethnic," or so it is easier for others to pronounce. Conversely, some also reclaim a family name that was changed in the past.

SU News (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football recently extended an offer to 2024 Phoenix (AZ) Sunnyslope quarterback Luke Moga. Moga is listed at 6-3, 195 pounds and has been a hot prospect of late with four power five offers in the last couple of days.

"I've been in contact with coach Beck for a minute," Moga said. "He was supposed to come see me throw, but he couldn't make it out. We got on the phone and he gave me the good news. I was super happy. I think Syracuse is really cool historically and it's some big time football. I know the program is turning heads."

While the offer is recent, Moga's communication with Syracuse offensive coordinator Jason Beck is not. The two have developed a strong relationship.

"We have a good relationship," Moga said. "He really respects my character and my drive. I appreciate him for recognizing that on top of my game."

While it is still very early in the recruiting process for Moga, Syracuse has already made an impression.

"Super interested in Syracuse," Moga said. "Plans to visit after the next dead period. I want to see culture, relationships with the coaching staff and the overall environment of the program."

Ohio State’s Culture, BIA Reputation and Similar Defensive Scheme to Syracuse Made Ja’Had Carter Transfer to Buckeyes (; Hope)

From the moment Ja’Had Carter walked through the front door of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on his official visit to Ohio State and was greeted by a lobby full of trophies and NFL jerseys of former Buckeyes, he felt like Ohio State was the place for him.

By the time his visit ended, the former Syracuse safety was sure he wanted to be a Buckeye.

“At the end of my visit, watching that video, kinda had me ready to suit up and go out there,” Carter said.

Ranked by 247Sports as the best safety to enter the portal during the winter transfer window, Carter had plenty of possible destinations. He chose to become a Buckeye, though, because of the team’s culture and brotherhood.

“That's something that I really liked when I came on my visit and really stood out to me. So just being a part of that, BIA,” Carter said of why he chose Ohio State.

Early signing period roundtable: What do we think of Syracuse football’s 2023 class? (TNIAAM; Ostrowski, Wall & De Guzman)

Syracuse Orange football wrapped up its 2023 early signing period by adding a freshman wide receiver from Texas and a transfer long snapper from Fordham. Those two bring the incoming group to 22 total players - 10 on both the offense and defense, and two on special teams. You can also break them down into 13 rookies, six transfers, and three JUCO products.

The TNIAAM football crew took a look at the newcomers and offered these thoughts:

Which offensive recruit has you most excited?

Darrell Gill. A 6’3” wide receiver with 4.4 speed from Texas? Sign me up. I’m not worried about how Syracuse landed Gill or where he ranks because he’s the type of prospect the Orange should take a shot on. No matter what the Jason Beck offense looks like, finding a tall receiver who can stretch the defense is a potential weapon.

Christian: Ike Daniels. Syracuse is not just a cornerback development school anymore. With LeQuint Allen’s monster Pinstripe Bowl game, the Orange are slowly churning out great running backs. Daniels is the highest rated offensive recruit that Syracuse brought in this cycle and it seems likely that he can develop in the same way that Allen did.

ACC News (allsportsdiscussion; Fann)

A while back we looked at the Five Things we liked about the 2023 ACC Football Schedule. With the good comes the bad though, and this schedule isn’t perfect.


Over the last few years Georgia Tech and Virginia have been notorious for over-scheduling, i.e scheduling games they simply aren’t equipped to play at this time. Georgia Tech has to play Georgia, but what is a series against Ole Miss doing there? This year the Jackets head to Ole Miss. Virginia is even worse this season. They head to Tennessee and Maryland. Maybe you play one of those games, but not both. Especially when you were arguably the ACC’s worst team last season.

Road Games at Group of 5 schools

The ACC needs to stop this, and if the ACC Offices have their way that will be the case. Wake Forest playing Old Dominion, NC State at UCONN, Boston College at Army and Miami at Temple simply shouldn’t be happening three times in one season. One maybe two at most. These kinds of games get no credit with a win and are devastating when you lose. I’ve got more to say about Old Dominion.

Virginia Tech series with Old Dominion

This is so bad. Why Virginia Tech has a 10-year series makes no sense with 5 of them at Old Dominion, and already having lost to them in recent years. Just nine more games between Virginia Tech and Old Dominion. Yea great – At least this year’s game is Blacksburg, well until next year.

Workers begin installing JMA sign at JMA Wireless Dome (; Hatch)

The Syracuse community will notice a change to the Syracuse University campus skyline this week as the JMA Wireless Dome signs are starting to be installed on the facility’s crown truss and exterior.

For the first time ever the Syracuse University Dome, which opened its doors in 1980, announced in May of 2022 that it had a new name after partnering with JMA Wireless for a 10-year partnership for naming the rights of the iconic on-campus stadium.

College Football 150 National Championship All-Time Season Rankings. Where Does 2022 Georgia Rank? (CFN; Fiutak)

150 Greatest College Football National Champions

150 Greatest College Football National Champions
CFN 2022 Final Rankings | No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4
No. 5 | No. 6 | No. 7 | No. 8 | No. 9 | No. 10 | 11-25 | 26-50
51-75 | 76-100 | 101-125 | 126-150 | Just Missed
CFN Season Formula Criteria | @ColFootballNews

Is 2020 Alabama the greatest team of all-time? Is it 2019 LSU, or 1894 Yale, or …? That’s a matter of opinion. However, what’s easier to do is ask this question.

Where’s 2022 Georgia after its dominant national title win over TCU?

Which national champion came up with the greatest season in the history of college football?

How are you possibly supposed to rank close over 150 years of the best of the best college football teams?

How do you sell the idea that some Ivy League team from the 1800s was among the greatest of all-time based on an opinion? That’s not fair.

That old school team would lose to the 2022 Georgia backups by 295 points.

On talent and ability, trying to rank and contrast today’s college football teams to anything from 100ish years ago is like comparing apples to … Jupiter. It’s a totally different game now.

And then there’s the problem of just how fatally flawed the system for determining a champion used to be. It’s not like anyone could watch three screens of games in 1869 – or 1969. National champions from back in the day – and even as recently as the mid-1990s – were crowned on a guess.

So with all of that in mind, we’ve ranked the 150 greatest national champions of all-time based on how good their seasons were. The CFN Season Formula is about straight numbers, wins, losses, point totals and strengths of schedules to measure just how strong a campaign really was. It’s not an opinion of how good the teams might have been.

It’s a simple theory. The more wins, and the more big wins, the higher the ranking. The more games a team played, the more chances for losses, wearing down, injuries, or bad days. It’s why some of the highest-ranked teams on this list are from the modern day – the more recent champions played more games.

If you won a national championship playing a schedule of cupcakes and high school teams – looking at you, 1895 Penn – this formula exposes that.

The ground rules.

1. There are more than 150 college football national champions. Over the last 153 years – even though there have only been 152 college football seasons, but whatever – there were plenty of split titles.

Because there was no true national championship game up until the BCS was formed in 1998, crowning a champion was often a popularity contest. Only the top 150 according to the CFN Season Formula make the list.

2. Only the main methods for each era are counted. Sorry, 2017 UCF, and sorry to a few of the Alabama “national champions” that the school continues to brag about. These are based off of the top selection organizations in each era …

1869 to 1879: National Championship Foundation (NCF)
1880 to 1935: NCF & Helms Athletic Foundation
1936 to 1949: Associated Press (AP)
1950 to 1981: AP & United Press International (UPI)
1982 to 1997: AP (and 2003) & USA Today (Coaches Poll)
1998 to 2013: Bowl Championship System
2014 to 2022: College Football Playoff


154. 1911 Penn State (8-0-1)

All-Time Season Score: 14.0344
Key Season Score Element: 5 Bad Wins (wins over teams with three wins or fewer, or not at the highest level at the time) in 9 games
Best Win: Penn State 5, at Cornell 0
Worst Game: Penn State 0, at Navy 0

1911 was a weird college football season. Navy ended up unbeaten, but it finished with three ties. One was against Penn State, and one was against Princeton – both of the split national champions. Penn State had the better year than Princeton with a few more big wins, and with a defense that allowed just 15 points.

153. 1910 Pitt (9-0)

All-Time Season Score: 14.0700
Key Season Score Element: Outscored teams 282-0
Best Win: Pitt 17, Georgetown 0
Worst Game: Pitt 19, Westminster 0

Seven of the nine wins came against teams that weren’t officially in the college football mix and/or finished with fewer than three wins. It was the year when the forward pass became a bigger part of the game, but it didn’t matter to a Pitt D that didn’t allow a point.

152. 1923 Michigan (8-0)

All-Time Season Score: 14.1300
Key Season Score Element: Outscored teams 150-12
Best Win: Michigan 10, Minnesota 0
Worst Game: Michigan 26, Quantico Marines 6

It’s a soft national championship considering there was only one amazing win – over Minnesota in the regular season finale – and a whole slew of mediocre victories over bad Case, Ohio State, and Michigan State teams. The D pitched a shutout in five of the eight games and allowed more than three points once … against Quantico Marines.

151. 1910 Harvard (8-0-1)

All-Time Season Score: 14.1944
Key Season Score Element: Outscored teams 155-5
Best Win: Harvard 12, Brown 0
Worst Game: Harvard 0, Yale 0

There were a few great wins, but they were offset by a whole lot of teams that fall into the Bad Win category. Five of the eight victories were bad, and there was a tie against Yale on the road in the season finale. The D gave up just five points all year, coming in a 27-5 win over a strong Cornell squad.

FSU football spending like it's a startup company: Make ACC pay up or get bought out? (youtube; video; The Nolecast)

FSU football spending like it's a startup company: Make ACC pay up or get bought out?

ACC Conference College Football Imperialism | Last Team in the ACC Wins!! (NCAA Football 23) (youtube; simulation; NCAA Football 23)

Today in NCAA Football 23 I put the ACC College football conference teams up against each other in an imperialism simulation. - Who is the best team in the ACC?? Watch until the end to find out!!

Spoiler alert: the worst program in the ACC, BC, wins. Ha ha, what a pathetic simulation.

Way-too-early ACC Football 2023 rankings (Usatoday; Turri)

When breaking down way-too-early rankings, there are many factors to consider about each team, who they are returning, who they are bringing in, and how they ended the season. Though the Tigers won the ACC championship this season, there are no guarantees they head into next season the top dog.

Here is a way-too-early ACC football rankings for the 2023 season.

14 Boston College Eagles

Last season record: 3-9 (2-6 ACC)

13 Virginia Cavaliers

Last season record: 3-7 (1-6 ACC)

12 Virginia Tech Hokies

Last season record: 3-8 (1-6 ACC)

11 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Last season record: 5-7 (4-4 ACC)

10 Syracuse Orange

Last season record: 7-6 (3-5 ACC)

Those Backstabbers (RX; HM)

Those Backstabbers

Remember that time the Big Ten stabbed their long-time Rose Bowl partners in the back?

USC and UCLA to Big Ten in 2024. So, how about that Alliance, Big Ten? (I'd watch my back if I were the ACC)BREAKING: USC + UCLA to the B1G in 2024
— Hokie Mark (@mark_hokie) July 1, 2022
Now the Pac-12 is in danger of collapse because it can't get a TV contract that pays more than the Big XII. However, make no mistake: if a few more Pac-12 teams jump to the Big XII and the "Conference of Champions" has to close its doors, it won't be the fault of the Big XII. The blame will lie squarely at the feet of its long-time partner conference, the Big Ten. You know, the guys who said they wanted an alliance but then poached, not the two most valuable teams (I could almost forgive them for that), but the two schools in the most valuable territory - Los Angeles - thus shrinking the Pac-12 footprint in a serious and, possibly, fatal way.

To commemorate that fateful betrayal, here's a list of some of the ways the Big Ten has harmed the ACC over the years:

Denied Conference Championship Reform

Back in 2015, the ACC, along with the Big XII, proposed deregulating the conference championship game [LINK]. The Big Ten took the lead in stopping that proposal. Then Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney reportedly wasn't "comfortable" with the idea of total deregulation. Apparently he was fine with giving the Big XII the rights to stage a CCG without divisions - but not with letting the ACC do the same? So the ACC was stuck with Atlantic & Coastal for seven more years, denying the league a Clemson/Louisville rematch in 2016 and, probably, 3-5-5 scheduling much sooner.

Alabama staff moves: Defensive analyst leaving for Notre Dame, former ACC OC joining Crimson Tide, per reports (; Olson)

Alabama’s off-field staff appears to be undergoing some changes in the analyst department.

Matt Zenitz of On3 was the first to report 2 developments on the UA analyst front. Max Bullough, recently promoted from graduate assistant to defensive analyst, is now reportedly headed to Notre Dame. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, the Crimson Tide is reportedly adding former Boston College offensive coordinator John McNulty as an analyst.

Notre Dame is expected to hire Alabama analyst and former NFL linebacker Max Bullough, sources tell @on3sports.
He’s expected to be the replacement for James Laurinaitis, who was a grad assistant and assistant linebackers coach for Notre Dame last year.Notre Dame expected to hire Alabama staffer, former NFL linebacker Max Bullough
— Matt Zenitz (@mzenitz) February 11, 2023

TV News 2023 Feb 13 (RX; HM)

TV News 2023 Feb 13

From SportsMediaWatch...

Bally Sports’ parent company will declare bankruptcy next week... ESPN becomes its own business unit in Disney reorganization.

Diamond Sports Group to declare bankruptcy

Sinclair’s Diamond Sports Group LLC, owner of the 19 Bally Sports regional sports networks, will declare bankruptcy next week according to a Sportico report. Instead of paying the $140 million interest fee payment, the group will file for Chapter 11. Currently, the company has only $585 million in cash on hand with TV rights payments to sports teams totaling $2 billion. The bankruptcy will have a large effect on NBA, MLB, and NHL teams, where local rights have been quite lucrative. Leagues have been planning for this eventuality for some time, with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recently stating that the league is prepared to make the games available both through digital and cable.

The question ACC fans want to know: does this bring the ACC RSN games to an end? Will those rights revert back to the ACC, to ESPN, to Raycom, or to some other entity?




Stephanie Zaso | Digital Design Director

Micron announces 2024 start for construction on Clay semiconductor plant (DO; Vijayan)

Micron Technology announced it will begin construction in 2024 on its Clay, New York facility during Gov. Kathy Hochul’s press conference at Syracuse Hotel on Monday. The semiconductor manufacturer’s pledge of up to $100 billion for the facility stands to transform the regional economy.

In October 2022, Micron first announced plans for its historic investment to build a 1,400-acre semiconductor manufacturing plant just north of Syracuse. A study from Regional Economic Models, which Gov. Kathy Hochul cited in a November press release, projected the plant would add $16.7 billion in economic output and almost $10 billion in real Gross Domestic Product over its first 31 years of operations.

Four months later, Manish Bhatia, Executive Vice President of Global Operations at Micron, spoke to the investment timeline and identified the 2024 start date. He said site preparation is currently underway.

Bhatia also laid out Micron’s long-term vision for the full investment, which is the largest private investment in New York state’s history. Micron plans to fulfill the $100 billion investment over the next two-plus decades, Bhatia said.

The first phase of the plan will be the Clay plant, a $20 billion investment expected to be completed and operational by 2030.

Micron will begin equipping the factory in the second half of the decade, Bhatia said. He said the timeline is intended to take advantage of demand trends in the semiconductor market.

“We expect (the) semiconductor memory manufacturing market to double in size, from approximately $160 billion last year to more than $300 billion by the end of the decade, and we will be timing our investments to be able to capture that.”

The investment represents a significant development in the New York state labor market, and an expected influx in central New York’s workforce. Micron expects the plant to generate 9,000 jobs directly and 50,000 jobs total once all four planned facilities in the region have been built.

Now, labor organizations across the region are working to prime the local workforce for such jobs.

“(Micron’s investment) will only increase the demand for talented workers across our region; this is why we are actively promoting opportunities for increasing diversity in manufacturing,” Amy Stage, Director of Apprenticeship and Workforce Development at The Manufacturers Association of New York State, told the Daily Orange.

The public sector is reciprocating the efforts. Hochul has allotted an additional $1 million to the Syracuse Build Pathways to Apprenticeship and Syracuse Surge High-Tech Careers Bridge Programs as part of the FY2024 budget. These initiatives are concerned with apprenticeship creation and exposure to the semiconductor industry, both of which will serve to equip the local workforce in response to Micron’s arrival.


2017 ESPN College Bowl Pick’em Winner
Aug 20, 2011
For the following article, here is where SU's national championship team is rated.

College Football 150 National Championship All-Time Season Rankings. Where Does 2022 Georgia Rank? (CFN; Fiutak)

58. 1959 Syracuse (11-0)​

All-Time Season Score: 22.900
Key Season Score Element: 340 point differential
Best Win: Syracuse 23, Texas 14 (Cotton Bowl)
Worst Game: Syracuse 35, Kansas 21

Led by Ernie Davis and his two touchdowns, Syracuse got by Texas 23-14 in the Cotton Bowl. But before that, it got by a fantastic Penn State squad 20-18 on the road, and took out a solid UCLA team in LA. In all, the defense came up with five shutouts and allowed fewer than ten points eight times. The O did its part, scoring 32 points or more eight times including a 71-0 win over Colgate.

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