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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Gobstopper Day!

Gobstoppers, commonly called jawbreakers, are enjoyed for hours on end today, for it is Gobstopper Day! They are hard candies—ones so hard that they can't safely be bitten into, and they usually are round, being between one and three centimeters in diameter, but can be larger. Gobstoppers consist of layers that are different colors, and sometimes also different flavors. To make gobstoppers, layers of liquid sugar are deposited multiple times on a core that may be a gumball or a pressed ball of sugar. Natural and artificial flavors are added as well. The process is known as hot panning. It takes place in large heated pans that rotate and is completed in a few weeks' time.

SU News


Upon arriving at Hutchinson Community College, J’Onre Reed learned the ins and outs of how to play center. Now he's brought his experience to SU, emerging as the starting center

J’Onre Reed steps up vocally, physically to become SU's 'Big General' (DO; O'Brien)

In the beginning of fall camp, J’Onre Reed went up to Garrett Shrader and said he wanted to be his starting center. Reed said Shrader appreciated it and the two got on the right foot.

But he wouldn’t let Shrader forget it.

“He was liking it,” Reed said. “Because there used to be times where he was trying to leave practice. I was like, ‘Where the hell are you going?’”

The center’s comment caught Shrader off guard. Eventually, Shrader bought into it. When other offensive linemen left practice, the two did 10 to 15 snaps. Some snaps went right over Shrader’s head, others hit him right in the chest. By the end of fall camp, Reed was the one trying to leave practice and Shrader was the one holding him back.

Reed eventually emerged as Shrader’s starting center during fall camp. He has become a vital piece on an offensive line which already lost its starting right tackle for an extended period of time. Being the No. 1 center for a Division-I quarterback meant Reed had to adjust his snapping style playing against high-quality defensive linemen. But Reed came to SU with a unique build, leading to the self-proclaimed nickname “Big General.”

The nickname started when Reed played football at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas in 2022. Reed said a wide receiver called him “Big General” during and after a rivalry game against Butler Community College (KS). The atmosphere was quiet, but everyone heard Reed communicating to teammates on the field.

“On that team, I knew my offense,” Reed said. “I knew it from inside and out. I knew formations. I knew everything. So I kind of understood what we were looking for.”

LeQuint Allen Jr. honors his father's legacy as a force within his community (DO; Miller)

The “LeQuint Allen Jr. Football and Cheer Camp” was launched just before Allen’s freshman year at Syracuse.

When his former Millville Midget Football League coach, JT Burks, introduced the idea, Allen was interested. He wanted to give back to Millville, New Jersey, from a young age. Succeeding in football was always synonymous with serving his community.

Burks sent Allen the design for the camp’s fliers, which read “LeQuint Allen.” Allen told him to add “Jr.” on the end to honor his father, who always preached giving back to the youth.

Less than a year later, LeQuint Allen Sr. was shot and killed at a home in Lawrence Township, NJ, on Feb. 14, 2023. According to, it happened just after Allen Jr. learned he was being investigated by SU’s Office of Community Standards for an on-campus altercation that took place on Dec. 11, 2022. Now, Allen Jr. is back on the field, carrying the legacy of his father with “Allen Jr.” on his back.

“For him to wear his father’s name means the world to him,” said Dennis Thomas, Allen Jr.’s high school coach. “He wants to make a name not only for himself, but to show them what his father actually helped instill in him.”

Opponent preview: What to know ahead of Purdue (DO; O'Brien)

When Syracuse and Purdue faced off at the JMA Wireless Dome last season, it became the game of the year for a program that hadn’t made a bowl game since 2018. In the waning moments of what seemingly looked like a “same old Syracuse” defeat, Garrett Shrader hurled a 25-yard touchdown to tight end Oronde Gadsden II to move the Orange to 3-0 for the first time since their last postseason appearance.

SU now travels to West Lafayette with an identical record from last year when the Boilermakers came to the Dome. While the Orange already had a win over an Atlantic Coast Conference opponent by Week 3 in 2022, this year they played Colgate and Western Michigan, two teams they were expected to dominate.

Purdue serves as the first true test for this roster to see if Syracuse is going to be competitive against Power 5 opponents.

Here’s everything you need to know about Purdue before the Orange travel to West Lafayette:

All time series

The series is tied 1-1.

Last time they played

Last year’s matchup was the wackiest game the Orange were a part of. The first three quarters were a sloppy defensive affair where the score was 10-9 heading into the fourth quarter. But the final 15 minutes saw Syracuse and Purdue combine for 42 points featuring a pick-six and an iconic last second touchdown from Shrader to Gadsden.

With the game-winning pass, Shrader threw for 181 yards and three touchdowns. SU’s signal-caller also rushed for a team-high 83 yards, making up for Sean Tucker’s measly 42. Dino Babers said the game also got the whole world to notice Gadsden’s talent.

“We already knew Oronde was good,” Babers said.

The Boilermakers report

For the second straight week, Syracuse faces an opponent with a first-year head coach. After Jeff Brohm resigned last December to take a job at Louisville, Purdue hired Ryan Walters, who is a head college football coach for the first time in his career. At the time of his hiring, Walters was the fourth-youngest head coach in college football.

So far in 2023, Walters’ team has been a mixed bag. In the home opener against Fresno State, Purdue lost 39-35, allowing nearly 500 yards. But the next week, the Boilermakers picked up a road win over ACC foe Virginia Tech.

“I’m sure that was just a wake-up call for Purdue,” Babers said. “We’re getting an angry Purdue.”

Devin Mockobee chose Purdue over Navy. Now he's the Boilermakers’ leading rusher. (DO; Finley)

Devin Mockobee was sold on attending Navy. He loved its constant focus on family and discipline. Plus, on the field, he knew Navy’s offense relied heavily on the backfield which would give him ample playing time. Then, he received a call from an Indiana number.

Mockobee picked up the phone. He was with his mother and sister, Hollie, on vacation two weeks before he was scheduled to leave for Navy.

“When he comes back he says it was from Purdue,” Hollie said.

Purdue offered Mockobee a chance to walk on and he took it. He had always wanted to be a Boilermaker as West Lafayette was only about three hours and 40 minutes away from his hometown of Boonville, Indiana. After seeing no action with Purdue his freshman season, Mockobee emerged as the squad’s lead back in 2022, tallying a team-best 968 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. Two years removed from opting out of a full scholarship with Navy, Mockobee is living out his childhood dream.

When Mockobee entered high school, his father, Conrad, developed “the plan.” It centered around building up his frame for football but also touched on elevating Mockobee’s speed in basketball and track. Mockobee was put on a strict diet and workout routine.

As Mockobee continued to increase his strength and weight, he did anything to see playing time. In high school, he served as the second-string running back but also played special teams, secondary and slot receiver. During his sophomore year, Mockobee became the starting corner. The following season, when the starting running back left for college, Mockobee took over as the team’s leading rusher.

Despite growing from 141 to 200 pounds by his senior season, the COVID-19 pandemic limited Mockobee’s options at the collegiate level. A lack of exposure translated to less recognition from Power Five schools.

“If he played at one of the big megaschools in Indianapolis, he would have had many Power Five offers,” said Darin Ward, Mockobee’s high school coach. “He was the best running back in Indianapolis that year.”

Our beat writers are split on whether SU will beat Purdue for 2nd straight year (DO; Staff)

Syracuse beat Colgate and Western Michigan by a combined 106 points. Purdue, meanwhile, has split its first two games after losing to Fresno State in the season opener.

Last year, SU battled the Boilermakers in Week 3. It pulled off a 50-yard, game-winning drive in 43 seconds with seven to spare. This season, Syracuse will go into Ross-Ade Stadium for the third game of the year, with some significant injury questions.

Here’s what our beat writers think will happen when SU takes on Purdue in a primetime, road matchup:

Anthony Alandt (2-0)
Oranges don’t travel well
Purdue 35, Syracuse 30

Alright kids, fun’s over. Never fault a team for starting the season with easy nonconference opponents that it can use to wallop and drum up support heading into conference games. Syracuse did exactly what it needed to do against Colgate and Western Michigan to give the team confidence out of the gate and give fans something to “wow” at. Don’t think I’ve ignored the rumblings of the Orange winning the Atlantic Coast Conference already.

But ever the curmudgeon, I’m not sold on this team just yet. It took Syracuse pulling out a miracle and a breakout performance from Oronde Gadsden II last year for the Orange to mount a comeback victory over Purdue. Take away Gadsden, who’ll either be out or see a large decrease in his role as he comes back from an ankle injury. Take away a rocking JMA Wireless Dome, substituting it for a sold out West Lafayette crowd instead.

Last season proved beyond challenging for the Orange when they left the confines of the Salt City. Though the Boilermakers seem to still be reeling from a Week 1 loss to Fresno State, I like a young Purdue defense to hold Syracuse at bay just long enough for them to pull out a win over the Orange.

Wyatt Miller (2-0)
Test passed
Syracuse 34, Purdue 27

Last season, former Purdue quarterback Aidan O’Connell watched Gadsden’s game-winning touchdown from the sidelines. This time around, a potential-Gadsden-less Syracuse squad faces its first road game of the season. Nevertheless, the veteran Shrader will lead this battered Syracuse squad into West Lafayette, Indiana, and beat first-year starter Hudson Card.

The Purdue defense gave up 39 points in the Week 1 loss to Fresno State. It followed that performance by beating Virginia Tech, a team that went 3-8 last year, as a one-point underdog. There’s a lot to unpack there. Even though Syracuse has played some sub-par opponents so far, its dominance should not be diminished. The Orange starters have exited at halftime of both games after the team led by 37 or more points in both. They are the only team in the nation to rank top five in scoring offense (third) and scoring defense (first) through two games. Syracuse has all the momentum and more than enough talent to win this game.

This Big 10 matchup will serve as the first test of the season for the Orange, and I think they’ll pass with a combination of timely blitzing and contested catches.

Henry O’Brien (2-0)
No miracle this time
Purdue 34, Syracuse 31

Purdue struggled in its opening game against Fresno State but bounced back with a tight win on the road against Virginia Tech, a future opponent for the Orange this season. The Boilermakers, with Texas transfer Card at quarterback, will have the advantage being back at home.

Rightfully so, Syracuse fans remember the Gadsden touchdown at the end of the game that moved the team to 3-0. But what most people probably don’t remember is that Purdue destroyed SU in the passing game. O’Connell threw for 424 yards, three touchdowns and one silly interception that Caleb Okechukwu easily took back for a pick-six. When Purdue would get into the red zone, it relied on former tight end Payne Durham to cut through the 3-3-5 for two touchdowns.

Purdue Football: Quick Guide to the Syracuse Offense. (; Schneider)

How’s it going folks. We’re running a little experiment this week. The first two weeks, I’ve the previews have come out on Friday. We’re going to bump it up a day or two this week to give y’all a little more time to peruse them. They won’t be as detailed, because Friday is one of my free writing days, but they’ll be out earlier in the week. We’re moving the previews up, which means most of the play breakdown stuff from the previous week will come out later.

There will be a poll at the end of the article, asking for your input.

Basic Syracuse Offense

Formation: Spread

Player Grouping: 11 Personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR)

Jason Beck, Syracuse’s former quarterback coach and new offensive coordinator, runs a standard spread offense. He moves the tight end around the formation but on a regular down and distance, he’s going with some version of what you see below. In theory, it’s a quarterback friendly offense set up by a former quarterback coach, for his former charge. The thing is, I have no idea if it’s any good. The first two games of the year came against Colgate, an FCS school, and Western Michigan, a rough looking FBS outfit rebuilding under a new head coach. Not exactly a murders row. In fact, I’m not sure either of Syracuse’s first two opponents could get a ticket for Jaywalking.

Still, they’ve opened the season by putting up 65 (vs Colgate) and 48 (vs Western Michigan). Purdue will be the first test, and it’s going to be a tough one for the Orange. Their first real game is on the road, at night, in front of a sell out, after a...shall we say...controversial outcome in their God forsaken dome last season. While I’m sure their players will be relieved to be playing on grass instead of a shag carpet stretched taught over a taught concrete slab, communication may be a little more difficult for the Syracuse players and coaching staff on Friday night.

Saturday's Game Is Must-Win (; Griffin)

Domination would be an understatement to describe Syracuse’s first two games. The Orange have routed Colgate and Western Michigan by a combined score of 113-7. Regardless of the opponents, that margin is very impressive. The going gets tougher when SU visits Purdue this weekend, and this game represents a major turning point for this season. It was pegged as a game Syracuse has to win in order to make a bowl game, and oh boy is that the case.

Remember the good feeling surrounding last season’s 6-0 start? Now remember the turmoil throughout that 1-6 stumble? Once the Orange lost to Clemson, and make no mistake they lost that game as opposed to the Tigers winning it, the dominoes fell from there. It’s hard not to be worried about something similar happened should SU lose this weekend. Purdue is not the final game that has been described as a potential must-win for a bowl game- Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Georgia Tech are a few others that come to mind. Syracuse’s performance this weekend could go a long way in determining how those other must-haves will play out.

Syracuse (2-0) received 9 votes in the Week 2 Coaches Poll.

In total, 8 ACC programs either made the poll (No. 3 FSU, No. 18 UNC, No. 20 Duke, No. 22 Clemson and No. 23 Miami) or received votes (Wake Forest, SU, Louisville). NCAA College Football Coaches Poll | USA Today Sports
— emily leiker (@emleiker) September 10, 2023

It’s awesome that the Orange received votes in the Coaches Poll, but they have yet to get the attention of the AP Poll yet, in all likelihood due to the low caliber of opponents they’ve seen so far. Purdue is without question the first big test of the year for SU, even if the home team isn’t what it was a season ago. If you want to prove you’re legit to the national media, this is how you do it. If Syracuse is victorious, assuming there’s a win over Army next weekend in the future, you might have a shot at College Gameday for Clemson.

Syracuse Football: Purdue vs. Syracuse prediction, odds, spread and over/under for college football week 3 (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football hits the road for the first time in the young 2023 season, when the Orange travels to Big Ten Conference member Purdue this Saturday night in a primetime battle on NBC.

The Orange has absolutely smashed its opponents so far, although I think we all can agree that it hasn’t played a tough schedule to date by any means. The ‘Cuse followed up a week-one domination of Central New York neighbor Colgate, 65-0, on the Hill by crushing Western Michigan this past Saturday at the JMA Wireless Dome, 48-7.

Now the Orange (2-0) is set to square off with the Boilermakers (1-1) on the road. Purdue picked up its first victory of the 2023 campaign when it knocked off fellow Atlantic Coast Conference squad Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Va., by a final count of 24-17 over the weekend.

Last year, Purdue went 8-6 overall, and that included a thrilling affair versus the ‘Cuse in Central New York. Syracuse football, in September of 2022, squeaked out a 32-29 triumph over the Boilermakers.

This season, Purdue is led by first-year head coach Ryan Walters, who most recently served as the defensive coordinator for another Big Ten team, Illinois. In that league’s preseason media poll, the Boilermakers were projected to finish at No. 6 in the Big Ten’s west division.

Syracuse football: Where does the offensive line really stand? (TNIAAM; Haller)

At this point we’re two games into the 2023 Syracuse Orange football season. Heading into the year we (ok it may have been “I”) had one request... a healthy offensive line. Unfortunately the Orange didn’t even make it out of camp with that being the case. The unit currently stands with multiple injuries in various state of repair and Syracuse heads on the road for the their first test against a Power 5 opponent in the Purdue Boilermakers on Saturday.

Unfortunately due to life being life, I haven’t been able to do my full breakdowns and line analysis like I have in years past. But that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned thoughts of how the trenches are handling things in 2023. I’ve just had to do it more on the podcast and in the back office slack channels lately.

Beck's offense is high on the stats rankings. Could it stay there? (
PS; $; Leiker)

Jason Beck’s offense is on top of the world — or at least the Football Bowl Subdivision — early in his first season as a Power Five offensive coordinator.

Syracuse football is in the Top 10 in some of the most notable offensive statistical categories two weeks into the season: total offense (No. 3), scoring offense (No. 3) and passing offense (No. 6).

It’s in the Top 25 in a handful of others, including first downs offense (No. 13) and third-down conversion percentage (No. 14).

What’s happening with the Orange offense so far aligns with what was advertised by both those within the program and those outside it who know Beck well.

“I think it will be a very high-octane offense, and I think it’ll be quarterback friendly and receiver friendly, which will allow the offensive run game, if he uses it correctly, to ignite when needed and have a really clean box of numbers which could make Syracuse explosive in their league,” said Gary Crowton, who coached Beck one season at BYU and then hired him as an offensive graduate assistant at LSU.

That’s a pretty accurate description of Beck’s offense through its first two wins.

ORANGE ZONE: SU football hits the road to Purdue (; podcast; Orange Zone)

It may have been the most exciting game of Syracuse football's 2022 season, and now the Orange faithful have a chance to get an encore.

5 Things to Know: Syracuse vs. Purdue - Syracuse University Athletics (

The Orange hit the road for the first time this season, seeking a 3-0 start. Here's five things to know ahead of the matchup.

1. It's Been A While
Syracuse jumped out to its best start since 1987 last year with a 6-0 opening to the season that vaulted the team inside the top-15 of the national rankings. A win Saturday would move the Orange halfway to last year's mark, but give them 3-0 starts in back-to-back campaigns.

While there have been plenty of hot starts to a season over the years, starting 3-0 in back-to-back years is a bit of a rarity for the Orange. The last time 'Cuse strung 3-0 starts together in back-to-back years came in 1959-60, when Syracuse won the National Championship and started 5-0 the year after – part of a national best 16-game winning streak at the time.

A win on Saturday would add a fitting touch to next week's game against Army, as the coach of those teams, Ben Schwartzwalder, will be officially enshrined into the Syracuse Athletics Ring of Honor against Army next weekend.

2. B1G Opportunity


Keeping Up With The 315 9-13-23 (ESPN; radio; The 315)

Brian Higgins kicks off the show setting the scene for and laying out the importance of Syracuse’s primetime showdown with Purdue on Saturday. Then, hear a little bit from Boilermakers head coach Ryan Walters ahead of the game. Later, Tim Leonard joins Brian in-studio with some NFL headlines of the day.

Syracuse faces Purdue in primetime showdown (; video; Finneral)

247Sports' James Finneral discusses Syracuse's primetime matchup against Purdue.

(; video; NBC Sports)

Week two of college football is in the books, and Todd (@Todd_Blackledge) and Noah (@NoahEagle15) weigh in on some of the notable games from around the nation, including Texas’ win over Alabama, Notre Dame’s victory against NC State and another wild contest between UNC and Appalachian State. They then dive deeper into results around the Big Ten, recapping Maryland’s rally over Charlotte, Nebraska’s loss to Colorado and more. The pair preview week three contests around the conference, including Michigan State’s matchup versus Washington and Purdue’s rematch with Syracuse before detailing a key early-season connection for Michigan. #NBCSports #BigTen

Tortora & Alford - Syracuse at Purdue 2023 College Football (; video; WakeUpCallDT)

"Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora" brings "Tortora & Alford" to you featuring Dan Tortora (DT) & Isaac Alford speaking on Syracuse Orange Football at 2-0, 1st road game of the season coming at Purdue, key stats for Orange & Boilermakers, & laughs along the way...

SU-Purdue preview and moving into primetime with Noah Eagle of NBC (Syracuse Sports Episode 12) (; video; Syracuse Sports)

On Episode 12 of Syracuse Sports, Brent Axe chats with Syracuse alum Noah Eagle of NBC Sports. Brent and Noah preview the Syracuse-Purdue game, which Noah will call on NBC. Axe and Eagle also talk about Noah's journey to NBC, calling the greatest comeback in NFL history and football games on Nickelodeon, the advice he leans on from his dad, famous broadcaster Ian Eagle and the lessons from Syracuse that apply to his craft day-to-day.

Syracuse braces for stiff challenge from Purdue - National Football Post (; FLM)

Syracuse has been impressive through the first two weeks of the season, but a stiff challenge awaits Saturday when the Orange travel to take on Purdue in West Lafayette, Ind.

The Orange (2-0) trounced Colgate 65-0 on Sept. 2 and whipped Western Michigan 48-7 last Saturday. They are third nationally in scoring offense, trailing only Oregon and USC, and their defense has been stout, as well. No team has yielded fewer points per game than Syracuse (3.5), which has recorded a defensive touchdown in each of its first two games.

That is particularly noteworthy because Purdue (1-1) is one of only nine FBS teams that has yet to commit a turnover this season.

The Boilermakers outlasted Virginia Tech and Mother Nature — there was a weather-related delay of nearly 5 1/2 hours — in last weekend’s 24-17 road triumph. But Purdue first-year coach Ryan Walters certainly won’t be satisfied with one early-season victory.

“The goal was never to get just the first one. It’s to get them every week,” Walters said. “I didn’t put any added pressure going into Week 2 with dropping Week 1. Preparation and the routine week in and week out is going to be the same no matter who we’re playing or what’s at stake.”

Hudson Card has two passing touchdowns and a rushing score thus far this season for Purdue, while running back Devin Mockobee has found the end zone in each of the first two games.
... (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football hosted several players this past weekend for the game against Western Michigan. Included in that group was class of 2026 Millville (NJ) High edge Jayden Jones. Jones was also offered on the trip. The Orange joined schools like Michigan, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and West Virginia that have already extended a scholarship opportunity.

"We where hanging in the locker room and coach Dennis Thomas just came up to me and offered me. I was definitely very happy."

While it may be early in his recruiting process, Jones says he is interested in Syracuse and wants to learn more about the program.

"I'm interested in going back up there and getting to know the coaches more," Jones said. "I definitely felt welcome and I loved the atmosphere."

The atmosphere was the JMA Wireless Dome game day environment when Syracuse blew out Western Michigan 48-7. The 6-2, 210 pounder was impressed by the noise level and fan support.

Purdue football defensive coordinator Kevin Kane previews Syracuse (; video; King)

Purdue football defensive coordinator Kevin Kane previews Syracuse

Game 3 Prep: Ross-Ade Sold Out for Primetime Matchup vs. Syracuse - Purdue Boilermakers (

Fresh off a road victory at Virginia Tech, Purdue Football returns home for another matchup with an ACC opponent. The Boilermakers host Syracuse in front of a sellout crowd under the lights of Ross-Ade Stadium. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

The matchup will be the first soldout game in the newly-renovated Ross-Ade Stadium, which saw its capacity increased to 61,441 heading into the facility's 100th season.

The Boilermakers and Orange are meeting for the second straight season, as Syracuse protected its home turf in 2022 to even the all-time series at 1-1. Saturday's contest wraps up Purdue's non-conference schedule, while also beginning a three-game homestand. Four of the Boilermakers' five September games are at home.

The Boilermakers are coming off a 24-17 victory at Virginia Tech, picking up the first win of the Ryan Walters era. Purdue endured a mid-game weather delay that lasted five hours and 27 minutes with kickoff starting at 12:21 p.m. and the game ending at 8:56 p.m. In the victory over the Hokies, Purdue held Virginia Tech to 11 yards for the fewest rush yards allowed in program history; the Boilermakers recorded 9.0 tackles-for-loss, totaling a loss of 54 yards.
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• One of the best tight ends in school history, Tim Stratton (1998-2001) will serve as the honorary game captain on Saturday.
• In 2000, Stratton was named the inaugural recipient of the John Mackey Award, presented to the nation's best tight end.
• He ended his career with 204 receptions, a school record at the time (now fifth all-time), totaling 2,088 yards (12th all-time, 2nd by a tight end).
• Stratton was a three-time First Team All-Big Ten honoree, just the fourth Boilermaker (Bob Hadrick, 1963-64-65; middle guard Chuck Kyle, 1966-67-68; and free safety Rod Woodson, 1984-85-86) to accomplish the feat.
• He played in all 49 Purdue games during his career and caught a pass in all but two of them.

ACC News



A group celebrates a birthday at the Rooftop Lounge in downtown Oswego. (Charlie Miller | Miller

Hidden Gems of CNY: This rooftop lounge on the lake might be Upstate NY’s ‘best-kept secret’ (PS; Miller)

The elevator ride to the top of the Litatro Building in downtown Oswego lasts all of 45 seconds, 58 seconds if you have a stop along the way. Whatever, you’re going to learn a lot on the way up.

The hostess of The Rooftop Lounge is going to prime you on the evening’s dinner specials. She may offer a drink suggestion. And you’ll find out who’s playing the piano at the bar tonight.

When you step out of the lift, you’ll be reminded that this isn’t the Oswego you grew up with. It’s no longer just a college town with forgotten buildings. This cleaned-up lakeside city is full of restaurants offering outside dining. You can take a tiki bar tour along the water. You can enjoy an outdoor symphony concert and bring your cocktails from downtown bars with you.

“This restaurant is one of the best-kept secrets in all of Central New York,” said Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow said during a recent lunch overlooking Lake Ontario. “It’s high-end food at low-end prices. And it’s healthy food that I won’t regret eating afterward.”

The Rooftop Lounge crowns the Litatro Building on West First Street. An art gallery and the Southern Fare Bar & Cookhouse occupy the first floor, and 20 luxury apartments are sandwiched between. The building came back to life in 2020 as part of Oswego’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, a $10 million grant from the state.


Stairs at the Jesuit Landing on the eastern shore of Onondaga Lake took swimmers right down to the beach. Part of the Schuelke Collection at the Liverpool Public LibraryPart of the Schuelke Collection from the Liverpool Public Library

Volunteers help to restore a 90-year-old piece of Onondaga Lake history (photos) (PS; photo gallery; Croyle)

A bit of Onondaga Lake history has been restored this week, thanks to some help from volunteers.

The stone stairs at Jesuit Landing, near the Butterfly Garden of Hope on Onondaga Lake Parkway, once brought visitors down to the beach on the eastern shore of the lake but they had all but disappeared beneath a tangle of overgrown brush and litter.

On Tuesday, 40 National Grid volunteers unearthed the stairs once more as part of the company’s Project C Week of Service.

The stairs date back to the Great Depression.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt became New York State Governor in 1929, he established the Temporary Emergency Relief Administration (TERA) which provided support to the unemployed. It was used to create the Onondaga County Emergency Work Bureau, a work program which put able-bodied individuals to work on state projects.

When Roosevelt was elected President in 1932, TERA would serve as an inspiration for the unemployment projects of The New Deal.

Locally, one of the most ambitious projects was the beautification and restoration along the eastern shoreline of Onondaga Lake.

New downtown wine bar brings ‘big city’ experience to Syracuse (PS; video; Cazentre)

Nobody’s may not be for everybody. But that’s probably the point.

Nobody’s, a wine bar, opens this week at 222 Walton St. in Armory Square, adjacent to Onondaga Creek. The grand opening is 4:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 15.

It’s a place where you can get a glass of wine — with about 30 choices at a price range starting around $10 per glass. That can go up to $100 per glass for rare, high-end wines.

You can also buy bottles, with 100 or so options in a range from close to $30 all the way up to about $1,000. (They can be drunk at the bar, but if you want to take one home it must be opened with a small pour and resealed). You can also get hard-to-find beers and hard ciders.

If all that sounds a little different for Syracuse, you’re right.

“What we’re trying to do is bring that big city wine experience — whether it be in Toronto, New York City, Paris, Rome, San Francisco — and bring that to Syracuse, New York,” said Bob Leonard, a partner in Nobody’s with Jonathan LaSala.

The idea is to source quality wines from “hyper small” producers, using distributors that aren’t typically supplying local restaurants and bars, Leonard said. And he’s looking for more obscure wine varieties from established wine regions around the world.


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
note that its been over 60 yrs since we started 3-0 back to back.. I good set of solid teams never did it.


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
Brent and Noah Eagle preview Purdue:


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