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    Chandler Jones Becomes A Patriot

    What others are saying
    Bill Belichick talks about Chandler Jones

    NCC News Video Report

    SU's Jones headed to the New England Patriots

    The ultimate Chandler Jones video

    ESPN's Mike Reiss & Todd McShay looks at Jones

    2012 NFL Draft Grades: Patriots Earn High Marks With Chandler Jones

    Patriots pick Jones with 21st overall selection

    Belichick monotones trade up comment

    Prior to the draft
    The Bud and Brent Show: Syracuse spring football wrapup; Chandler Jones' NFL Draft chances and the fall of Syracuse lacrosse

    Bill Belichick Quote

    “Chandler is a little younger, has a little less experience,” the coach said. “But he’s a very talented player, a smart guy, works hard, did a good job against good quality players he’s faced in the last couple years.

    Former Players


    Syracuse University defensive end Chandler Jones goes to New England Patriots in first round of NFL Draft

    SU's Jones picked 21st overall by Patriots in NFL draft

    Pats traded up twice to get Jones

    Swift moves by Bill Belichick

    Patriots 2012 draft grades

    Patriots draft pick Chandler Jones' strong bloodlines, measurables ...

    Belichick stunner

    With Jones, the Patriots get the body type they crave off the edge

    Patriots go on the attack with Jones, Hightower

    Patriots get aggressive, trade up in NFL draft


    The first pick: Syracuse DE Chandler Jones

    Patriots Movin' On Up In First Round NFL Draft

    Pats move up, take defenders Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower

    Belichick's comments following Round One

    Pats take SU's Jones in first round

    Belichick chooses sides on Day 1

    Patriots trade picks, get Jones, Hightower

    Draft Analysis: Pats cash in

    Patriots pack punch with pair of picks

    Dave, Chandler was not a senior
    Dave D'Onofrio's Patriots Notebook: Beefing up the defense


    Updated: New England Patriots pick Chandler Jones with 21st pick ...

    Patriots' picks at a glance

    Patriots Beat: Pats wheel and deal to get their men

    Pats trade up for two defensive intimidators

    Kraft to Hightower: 'We don't trade up too often'

    Pats address 'D'

    WEB EXTRA: Jones, Hightower for the defense

    Patriots draft pick Chandler Jones on a “dream come true”

    For Chandler Jones, becoming a New England Patriot is just about perfect

    Belichick runs a reverse on Patriots' draft philosophy

    Patriots Get High Grades From Experts For First-Round Picks

    Patriots change draft approach, finally address pass rush needs


    Bill Belichick, Patriots Get Aggressive to Make Serious Upgrades ...

    Belichick calls reverse, points Pats in right direction

    Jones: 'Belichick picked me for a reason'

    FB | Jones selected by New England Patriots in 1st round of NFL Draft

    Patriots trade up twice to solidify front seven

    Brady's comments during Super Bowl a foreshawdowing of Pat's pick of Jones?

    Report from the UFC
    Chandler Jones, Jon Jones' Brother, Goes to Patriots in First ...

    Belichick For The Defense: Trading Up For A Change

    From the Southern Tier to the NFL- Chandler Jones drafted by New England

    25 Jones Family Draft day photos

    • Great Size
    • Very Athletic Lower Half
    • Good Ball Recognition
    • Really good footwork
    • Great Pass Rusher
    • High motor

    • Needs to improve against the run
    • Must Pay lower
    • Lean frame
    • Not naturally explosive
    I liked receiver Taj Smith. He seems to run great pass patterns — very sharp cuts at high speed.

    5. Linebacker
    On the roster: A year ago, linebacker was the Lions' most glaring need. Now, they have a stable starting unit with Stephen Tulloch, Justin Durant and DeAndre Levy, and two young backups in Doug Hogue and Ashlee Palmer. Durant and Levy are in the final year of their contracts, so there are some long-term concerns there. But Hogue has a bright future ahead of him as a fifth-round pick last year.

    Dave Lapham doing NFL Draft analysis

    Record-setting choice: Technically, Richardson is the highest the Browns ever have drafted a running back. But if you include draft-day trades, Richardson is the second-highest back chosen, 50 years after No. 1 pick Ernie Davis.

    Davis was acquired via a trade with Washington in 1962. The Browns traded speedy halfback Bobby Mitchell, a future Hall of Famer, for Davis. The intent was for Davis to star in the backfield with Jim Brown.

    "It would have been a powerhouse backfield the likes of which the NFL had never seen," former Browns owner Art Modell said in a 2008 interview with The Plain Dealer. "No defense could zero in on Jim Brown with Ernie Davis in the backfield."

    The vision never came to fruition, however. Davis, just 23, was diagnosed with leukemia just before training camp in 1962. Davis never played for Cleveland, and succumbed to the illness in 1963.

    Prior To The Draft This Fan Got It Right

    (Note:At the time the Pat's had the 27th and 31st overall picks)
    Chandler Jones: Okay the Patriots would probably have to trade up to get the defensive end out of Syracuse. That isn't usually Belichick's style, but then again he could surprise us all. This may just be more of a dream than anything else, but he would fit in very well.

    This Official Pat's Blog Guessed Jones At 20

    Chandler Jones, DE/OLB, Syracuse: Jones may not be an elite pass rusher, but he has big potential. He has the length, athleticism and versatility to help in both the 4-3 and the 3-4. He has big upside and a high ceiling. He may go around 20, but maybe he’ll slip. Or maybe Belichick will go get him.

    Chandler Undervalued Himself

    Jones expected to be 3rd round choice

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    Chandler Jones analyzed

    Chandler Jones is a guaranteed All-Pro

    Surprise! Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Trade Up In NFL Draft

    Playmaker Problems: How Should Syracuse Use Ashton Broyld ...

    Blogger has Phillip Thomas at 5-1 160
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    Do I get styles points for my living room being the same color as the Jones family?
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    Better still!