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Vegas Mole Person
Aug 15, 2011
We lost a longtime poster back in August to a very quick fight with cancer. FairfaxOrange, (changed to SaltLakeOrange.)

I met George and his wife through cto in the Bahamas during our first Battle 4 Atlantis. I instantly knew that he was my type of dude. We spent the week together, they introduced me to all of their friends who also made the trip, almost all of which I'm still friends with today. Upon leaving the island, we immediately started making plans for the next adventure. We started linking up for home games, and meeting up in hotel lobbies for away games. The night 8 of us had floor seats at MSG was one of my favorite nights ever.

George didn't post here much in his last few years. Life gets in the way. But he was one of us through and through. I spent the days following his passing beating myself up a little. We were supposed to have more time. We were making plans for a final basketball game months away, trips to visit, then boom he was gone. I wish I had called more, text more, I wished a hundred things. I started to think about ways that I could honor my buddy. He was a runner. Marathons, half marathons, that was his thing. I've ran twice since 2012. Somehow it got into my head that I was going to start running for George. The Midnight Sun 10k in Fairbanks Alaska seemed like the perfect event. Half 10k, half block party.

I told his wife about my idea, and she was immediately onboard. Not only did she sign up to run, she found a few others to join, and made it a Huntsman Heroes fundraising event. I have a $1,000 fundraising goal. I know everyone has their own things going on, but I just wanted to leave this here in case you wanted to donate to this amazing cause.

I'm so sick of cancer, and I'm really sick of losing my friends. I'm hoping to raise money to help support cancer research and in the meantime help myself make some life changes, get in shape and healthy, to try and make sure I can be around as long as possible.

Miss you, George. Go Orange

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