How much does Syracuse spend on each sport?


The Mayor of Dewitt
Aug 15, 2011

Men's Basketball
2017-18 spending:
$14.7 million (seventh in the country)
2016-17 spending: 13.3 million (sixth in the country)
Who ranks No. 1? Louisville at 21.8 million
ACC Rank: 3 (Louisville)
Notes: Syracuse continues to invest substantially in its flagship men’s basketball program, which is also one of the country’s biggest revenue generators. The program ranked third in the country in revenue generated in 2017-18.
Head basketball coach Jim Boeheim's salary is not outlandish compared to his peers but the Orange doesn't struggle for perks. The team will head to Italy this year for a preseason trip.
Syracuse's regular-season performance has dipped over the last few years but it is still one of just 12 programs to go to multiple Final Fours over the past decade.
The men's basketball program is one of two sports at the school that turns a profit.
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