How the Campus Looked 90 Years Ago

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    Syracuse University 1928 - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

    If you position your cursor inside the drawing, a hard to see grey slider should appear that allows you to really zoom in on different areas. The main building of the medical school was still just a design and the forestry school was still owned by SU.

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    LOL - this is priceless. A couple gems below. Great find, Tomcat.



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    If SU still owned the land that ESF currently sits on, it turns a small, private school into a very large one.
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    Forestry was separate as of 1913 as it was started at SU with state funding, but SU still owned the Medical School!

    Syracuse University Medical school under Dean Dr. H.G. Weiskotten was then one of the best in the country pioneering methodologies of medical teaching and research. NYS pretty much blackmailed the medical school away in the 50s by saying they would build a VERY Well Funded State Medical School in Syracuse to compete for students and professors if SU didn't sell.

    It seems like SU is doing something similar back with this veterans hospital so the state can only be so upset.

    If SU had arranged to keep Forestry and still had Upstate Medical University it changes so many things. I've met several doctors over the years that have said they really liked SU but at the time it didn't have a defined pre-med track (I believe now remedied) or an attached medical school. Not to mention we probably would still have a nursing school which was also very well ranked for a long time.
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    The original Syracuse University Medical School began off campus.


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    New Location for College at Clinton Block
    In 1872 classes for the newly established College of Physicians and Surgeons at Syracuse University are held in rooms rented at the cost of $400 a year. In these early years, Syracuse University has very little to do with funding the medical school and the fees paid by the medical students barely covered the rental of the classrooms, let alone the salaries of the faculty members. The medical school remained at this location at Clinton Block until 1875.
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