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I think the BE leaders are doing the best they can at this point.


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Aug 16, 2011
The BE conf has been a punching bag for years around here, and not without good reason, but I think it's safe to say they are not making bad moves at this time.

The conf has done 2 major things in the last year. #1, they brough in TCU, which will help the football schools significantly. #2, they held out for a renegotiated TV contract, and are currently lined up to get major dollars, and absolutely blow the ACC deal (as currently contructed) out of the water.

Neither of those moves was obvious, as evidenced by the fact that no one in the world (outside these boards) saw the TCU thing coming, and the fact that a number of BE schools wanted to pull the trigger on the TV contract last year.

The BE conf gets part of its bad rap due to the different constituents it has to satisfy. There's bball schools and fball schools. And as much as we like to think otherwise, the bball schools do matter. These basketball schools have played a significant hand in getting the SU brand to where it currently is. Nova, SJU, Gtown, SH, and PC have all played in FF's, and have all made an SU game must see at some point or another. The conference will not forget this, and will battle for their best interest just like they will fight for ours.

I understand if you want nothing to do with these schools now, because football drives the bus. But from the BE standpoint, these teams need to be saved and fought for just the same.

The absolute best that the conf can reasonably do is the 12/20 model. It's not perfect, and it may not make any team stay, but it's the best option on the table. I'm very happy to see in the NY Post that the conf has not only considered this, but has been trying to get KU, KSU, and Mizzou to come along for the ride.

The 12/20 hybrid is not an obvious move either. No college conf has ever tried this. Or tried anything like this with 4 divisions.

I've read complaints that the BE doesn't appear to be proactive enough, or hasn't made any public statements. The reason for radio silence is pretty clear. They saw how badly the ACC raid went 8 years ago. There was bad blood, and there was egg on faces. SU was hung out to dry in a pretty negative way. The BE does not want to operate that way. The TCU move was on no ones radar that day it was announced. I expect the BE's next move to be largely similar. Everyone will be talking Mizzou to the SEC or Big 10, then that night Mizzou will be announcing a move to the BE.

Despite what many on this board think, the BE is doing what it can to improve the conf and stabilize the football schools. While those moves may not satisfy everyone, I for one am confident that if there is any way to truly save this conference, the BE leadership will find it.


Walk On
Aug 26, 2011
Very well said and I agree with everything written, with the possible exception of Missouri coming to the BE. I would love to see that, but I dont think it will happen. But I also love what the BE leaders are doing and I think this league will be a much stronger and stable league when its all said and done.


Living Legend
Aug 27, 2011
Agree. Mizzou still wants B1G 10. Don't be surprized if they go to 16 if other conferences do, too. I'm for keeping the hybrid, it pays large dividends and locks up paower basketball schools, too.

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