If Justin Fields gets a waiver and is eligible next year the NCAA should just get rid of the 1 year wait



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Aug 28, 2011
Anybody who watched season 4 of Ballers and the stuff with Ohio State and the NCAA knows these places are garbage and not consistent at all.
They don’t care about the rules.
It’s a joke.
I feel for the kid if he was honestly harassed but I don’t believe for one second it’s why he left Georgia.


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Aug 25, 2011
Might as just well now allow players to transfer after games and join another team immediately.

3-4 teams per season? Why not?
Mid-season trades. Waiver deals.

The problem is the disparate ways different programs are treated. I think everyone guessed that OSU would come out on the winning end of this decision, just like UNC did with Cam Johnson.

A better test will be Martell to Miami. They aren't necessarily one of the favored programs, and his excuse is even weaker than Fields"s.
Sep 6, 2011
For anyone who thinks this has even a morsel of legitimacy to it, Justin’s sister Jaiden is at Georgia right now, is on the softball team, hasn’t left school. If he genuinely felt that racial harassment prevented him from remaining at Georgia would his sister still be at the school? The incident in question didn’t even involve Fields directly, some idiot in the student section at a football game yelled a racial slur. That’s not justification for a transfer, especially when the kid in question was kicked out of school.


Professor Irwin Corey
Aug 26, 2011
If you believe for a single second that he is transferring because a kid who got kicked out of school for it called him a racial slur, I have some prime oceanfront in Syracuse to sell you. This is about having an opportunity to start at quarterback next season, plain and simple. He thought he would beat Fromm out, he didn't, and now he is transferring. This is nothing more than an attempt at skating around the transfer rule, that's why it is a joke.
Hang on, Syracuse has ocean front property?

How come I've never heard of this.


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Aug 27, 2011
This just opened Pandora’s box
Seems like the box has been open the last couple of years. Absolutely no consistency to the waivers that have been granted even within a single sport let alone from sport to sport. Look at the two Pitt football players last season and at our own Matt Moyer in hoops this season. Without clear and consistent guidelines it's a crapshoot .

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Aug 15, 2013
I know you qualified your initial statement as pertaining to the regular season and you are absolutely correct that the note on revenues is silent when it comes to regular season football.
You have to agree though that if D1 football were to disappear tomorrow, a whole bunch of attorneys would be in a room somewhere renegotiating the future value of those TV rights.
That was my only point, to say the NCAA makes $0 may be technically correct, but practically speaking is misleading at best.
If you mean here the idea that the P5 leaves the NCAA and forms its own federation for football, basketball, and baseball/softball, then, of course, the CBS contract would be renegotiated in a New York minute for far, far less money. That goes without saying. But the idea that thatOSU would get angry and leave over because this player wasn't made immediately eligible or the NCAA let him play in order to keep thatOSU from starting a rebellion is very far-fetched.

You also have to look at the inverse of this. Is Michigan (or some other frontline school) going to get angry and leave because this player was made immediately eligible or because this player was made immediately eligible Michigan is going to start a rebellion.
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