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Jun 18, 2018
In a way I think we should have kept on keepin’ on without a bye week – we were on a roll and we should have taken it to L’ville. Of course the schedule would not allow that.

Something was wrong today, it seemed the O looked confused – like they didn’t know what the plays were that they ran so effectively two and three weeks ago. Where was our offensive line today? Why couldn’t a pass be caught that was thrown perfectly? We can't afford that, why did the receiver break to the left when the ball was thrown to the right?

I just watched Dino – he made no excuses and looked angry and disappointed as well he should.

There is a point though when we have to be consistently good as Babers has said but the seasons almost over and we still have to improve? Work on it and get better? You have to deal with injuries but we, by now, with a QB that’s very good and a back that is one of the best in the country was held to 99 YDS. Where was the blocking?

Of course they were going to key on Tucker and Shrader so you plan your game differently. Tuckers going to get the ball but throw the damn thing long we have fast receivers who can catch a la VT. Fake to Tucker and throw quicky. We are two dimensional - Tucker and Shrader running the same plays of course they are going to read that and we go nowhere.

They were just better than we were and I say the bye didn’t help it hurt. It happens but not t his way and not this badly. They were UP and ready, we were not. We were lost.

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