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Aug 14, 2011
Remember this date: May 30th, 2018. Next to April 7th, 2003, this could the 2nd most important date in Syracuse basketball history. Rumors were leaking out that Tyus might be coming back but he went right down to the wire until he announced officially that night that he would be back. Whether he leads the team to the promised land or not, we owe Tyus a big thank you for making this upcoming season much more interesting.

So with apologies to Matthew Moyer and Braedon Bayer, all the important cogs are back for the 2018-2019 basketball season. Optimism is high and in addition to Tyus coming back, the team has three new freshman and a top transfer. A big question this season is how will all this guys fit into the rotation.

So to recap last season we had some player issues and injuries that left the team extremely short handed. Guys played major minutes and guys really pulled it together to make it to the Sweet Sixteen for the 6th time in the last ten seasons. All this with the team being the last team selected to go dance. JAB was really sticking it to a lot of people as the team advanced through each round.

And this was the root for the upcoming optimism. However as I write this we do have some injuries that hopefully will heal itself and not cause the expected Syracuse gloom and doom for some fanatical JAB non-believers. Will we actually have some people be who don't predict huge success for this years squad or will everyone be bullish as they read about some publications ranking the team as high as #12 and some rags choosing TB as a 1st team preseason All American.

So let's get down to the important facts. This is IGGY's 11th annual season. We are changing up the questions by a little. Choose with either your head or your heart and hopefully this season they are aligned. All results must be postmarked by 4 pm of our first official game, which is on Tuesday, November 6th vs the Eastern Washington Eagles.

Here are your questions for this year best of luck to to all contestants.

1) Regular season record. There are 31 regular season games.
2) ACC regular season record. There are 18 ACC games.
3) ACC Tournament record. The most we could play is five games and depending on our seed, we could max out at three or five games. Or, of course, we could bomb out at one game. Here is how it's been set up. 2018 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - Wikipedia
4) Post-season record (and notate if NCAA, NIT, CBI or Up to six games in the NCAA (play in game not counted in IGGY world).
5) Leading scorer and how many points per game
6) Leading rebounder and how many rebounds per game.
7) Player with most minutes per game and how many.
8} Score prediction of the February 23rd Duke at Syracuse basketball game>
8) TIEBREAKER-How many threes will Buddy Boeheim have this season?

Thank you everyone who participated last season and here was the recap.

The 2017-2018 has now officially come to a close. It's a sad time for all die hard Cuse fans. Yes, the post season went better than most people expected but except for the off season down time (and hopefully it's a quiet off season) we won't be officially on the court until Mid October, or basically over six months from now.

I'll leave the recapping of the season for others,but this had to be one of the craziest seasons ever. Players quitting before the school year ever started. Players quitting during the season. Players getting injured during the season. Some of whom came back and some who didn't. Some had their mom's getting vocal on social media about their son's injuries. A season where a walk on played a key seven minutes when one of our only two guards on our roster fouled out of a game. A season where we finished under .500 in the conference and a season where we made it to the Sweet Sixteen for the sixth time in ten years while being the very last team picked for the NCAA's. Oh yeah, we also had three of our players play more minutes than almost anyone else in college basketball this year.

So how did all of that affect the 10th Annual IGGY award predictions. Well, for one, more than half of our "knowledgeable" posters picked the team to end up in the NIT. Fortunately the selection committee made those predictions moot. And a few of our "knowledgeable" posters predicted that the team wouldn't get picked for any post season tournament. Those names will remain silent for now, but if you are curious, you know where to find the original selections.

I also won't mention the posters by name who picked Geno Thorpe to win one of the categories. Some picked him to be the leading scorer and some picked him to have the most threes for the season. I think one person picked him to lead the team in minutes per game. Note to you guys: Geno Thorpe couldn't carry Andrew White's jock strap.

So let's get to the winners:

We had ten people (including myself) pick 19-12. As per the official rules, we went to the tie breaker category (most threes for the season). That was Tyus Battle with 77 three's. We had one of the ten predict 75 threes and one predict 76. So in a tie breaker, because Tyus had four treys vs Duke, the winner of our first IGGY is Jeremy L. Congratulations Jeremy!!!


We had fifteen people select 8-10 so again we had to go to the tie breaker. One of our posters in this category selected Tyus to hit 77 threes and was dead on. So our second IGGY goes to Madbiker. Congrats MB!!!


We all know the history of Syracuse and the ACCT. Many predicted that Cuse would continue the big goose egg. We had a handful of people predict two wins. No one more than that. Overall, 39 people predicted 1-1. So, of course, we went to the tie breaker again. In fact, we had to go to the second tie breaker because two people predicted Tyus to hit 77 threes, Our tie breaking category was minutes per game and both picked Tyus, but one was closer to his actual total, so our next IGGY is awarded to dyedorange in a close one over Mad Biker.


The IGGY committee decided after the Cuse was chosen as one of the Last Four in that the game in Dayton would not count for IGGY purposes. But now, because the IGGY committee is all about fair play and sportsmanship and believes in BEING ORANGE, the IGGY committee has decided to award two IGGY's in this category.

The official IGGY with a result of 2 wins and one loss was chosen by six people. Congrats to all six of those people, because as mentioned earlier, many die hard Cuse fans chose not to believe in JAB and the theory that he always does more with less, which has been proven time and time again. So we award the next IGGY to CuseFanATL who was the closest in the three point tie breaking category. Congrats ATL!!!

And,we also had three people predict a post season result of 3-1. The unofficial IGGY*, in a tie breaker, goes to CuseBall. Congrats CB!!!


Tyus was picked by 73 out of 78 ballots. Fortunately for the team, Tyus was our leading scorer with a very respectable 19.2 points per game. As others have posted, Tyus will always have a special place in our hearts. He averaged more minutes than anyone else in college basketball this season. At this point, we don't know his plans next season, and hopefully he comes back, but good luck and thank you for the last two seasons. As amazing as it seems, TB was almost a Michigan Wolverine. Fortunately, he saw the light, and hopefully his brother will as well.

So out of 73 people, only one predicted Tyus to average 19.2 so we didn't even have to go to the tie breaker. So, in a great prediction, we are happy to award the next IGGY to shermstheman. Congrats!!!


Oshae Brissett had one of the best freshman campaigns in Syracuse basketball history, but not everyone thought he was going to be our leading rebounder. Only 42 out of 78 predicted our latest Canadian phenom to win in this category as we had a lot of of other picks going to two other freshman, Bourama Sidibe and Matt Moyer. I don't think we had any prediction for our actual second and third leading rebounders, Paschal Chukwu (6.8) and Marek Dolezaj (4.8) so many people were totally fooled. Let's hope Oshae is back next season to repeat in this category.

Out of 42 picks, we had three people predict Oshae with eight or more boards per game. The closest, and the next IGGY winner with a prediction of 8.6 boards per game was Air Force Orange. Congrats AFO on your IGGY win.


Again, we had three iron men this season. All averaging over 38.1 minutes per game. That's pretty amazing considing how much can happen over 37 games. In fact, we only had four players that played in all of our games this season. Battle, Howard and Brissett were all able to avoid injuries and foul trouble to lead the way for the Orangemen.

73 out of 78 predicted Tyus to be our court warrior this season so it was no surprise he was. In what I think was the most amazing prediction of the 10th Annual IGGY's, we had one person predict accurately that Tyus would average 39.0 minutes per game. Congrats to Franco Pizza for a great prediction.


This is our tie breaker category but again, in the spirit of BEING ORANGE, the official IGGY committee has decided to award an IGGY to the most accurate prediction in this category. As mentioned earlier, we had two people think that Tyus would make 77 threes. Congrats to dyedorange and Madbiker for your previous IGGY wins and because both of you predicted 77 threes, the official IGGY committee has decided to award both of you IGGY's for this category. Congrats to both of you for your multiple 2018 IGGY's.

Thank you all who participated in the 10th Annual IGGY Awards. I know many of you are already excited for the 11th Annual. The IGGY committee is very excited and has promised that there will be some surprises next season. I guess we will have to wait six months to find out.
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Aug 27, 2011
1) 25-6
2) 14-5
3) 2-1
4) 4-1 NCAA
5) TB 17.4
6) OB 8.6
7) TB 34.2
8) SU 74 Duke 66
9) 17
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Sep 19, 2014
1) 27-4
2) 14-4
3) 0-1
4) 3-1 NCAA
5) Battle 17.4
6) OB 8.1
7) Battle 38.4
8) 81-71 Syracuse
9) 7


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Dec 6, 2015
1) 27-4
2) 15-3
3) 2-1
4) 4-1 NCAA
5) Battle 16.2
6) Chukwu 8.4
7) Battle 33.4
8) Cuse 82-75
9) 36


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Aug 26, 2011
1. 26-5
2. 13-5
3. 2-1
4. NCAA 4-1
5. Battle 20.1
6. Brissett 10.1
7. Battle 34.5
8. SU 72 Duke 70
9(Tiebreaker). 30


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Aug 8, 2012
1. 25-6
2. 13-5
3. 2-1
4. NCAA - 4-1
5. Battle - 18.4
6. Brissett - 8.9
7. Battle - 34.6
8. Syracuse 71 Duke 65
9. 17 3’s for Buddy


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Aug 27, 2011
Lot of people getting in early with their predictions. I always wait until at least the first preseason game before I throw my picks in there, as if that makes me do any better anyway.


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Aug 26, 2011
Lot of people getting in early with their predictions. I always wait until at least the first preseason game before I throw my picks in there, as if that makes me do any better anyway.
I make the pick early...then go back and edit if necessary, before the thread is locked.

Zelda Zonk

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Sep 1, 2011
My first time participating. I will have this notarized in the morning.

1) 23-8
2) 13-5
3) 2-1
4) 3-1
5) Tyus Battle 20.4(4)
6) Oshae Brissett 7.1
7) Tyus Battle, 36m
8} 77-71
8) BB3: 32

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