Making a Murderer - Season 2

Aug 15, 2011
My wife and I watched season 1 a little over a month ago because we missed the original boat and figured we would just watch it whenever.

To our surprise season two comes out a month later!

We are an episode behind you, just watched the bullet episode.

We are absolutely hooked again, I'm not sure if they are just picking and choosing evidence to show us but I don't see how he isn't eventually released. I have no doubt the season will end and we will be like "are you kidding me right now?"

I don't think Zellner is quite as charismatic as the two guys from season one, but she sure seems like she knows what she is doing. Does she have much more funding at her disposal?


Living Legend
Aug 23, 2013
Was going nuts after the first season, read a lot that there was things not on the doc but now watching the second season and on the part with that corrupt pos being told about the Rav4 being spotted up the road from where it was ultimately found.

I don't know if he did it, but there's enough reasonable doubt that it's criminal Brandon and Steven are in prison.
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