Marrone Needs To Become A Head Coach - Not An Offensive Coordinator |

Marrone Needs To Become A Head Coach - Not An Offensive Coordinator



I have been a big supporter of HCDM since the day he was hired but I honestly think it's time for him to become the "head coach" next season. In my opinion he is a micro-manager and he admitted as much at a luncheon when he said all of the offensive and defensive plays to come through him before they are relayed to the players on the field.

Marrone constantly talks about the influence that Coach Mac had on him as a player well its time for him to act more like "Head Coach" Dick MacPherson.
  • Lane Kiffin was absolutely right when he said that Hackett is the OC in name only. Doug has to either let Hackett become the offensive coordiator next season or admit he made a mistake hiring a young coach with no experience to run a D1 offense.
  • Marrone needs to get rid of the play chart that he holds in front of his face all game and let the OC (whoever it is) make the calls from the booth.
  • It's time for Marrone to manage the team and the overall game (time management, etc.) instead of worrying about every play call that comes in on offense and defense.
  • Marrone needs to hire a special teams coach. His decision not to have one this season has been a disaster.
  • Marrone needs to act like Coach Mac on the sidelines and show some friggin emotion when a player makes a great play or screws up.
I have always been of the opinion that a college coach deserves five years on the sidelines to recruit/develope his own players and install his offense/defense but I expect to see improvement from one year to the next.

In my opinion the program has taken a big step backwards in the last three weeks and the talk on this board of problems amongst the players is not good. If what is being posted on this board is true than Marrone better take a look at the way he is doing things and make some changes ASAP because he only has two more years left to right the ship.

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