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Aug 27, 2011
Manley group was great as usual. A couple of new faces which was good to see. Surprised at the crowd size I actually thought it would be better. Students are carrying the day and they seem to be really into it which is great.

As to the game we were extremely lucky. Four turnovers especially where we gave them the ball and 9 out of 10 times, we lose this game. Shrader is either pressing or reverting. He missed open guys all game long. Held the ball and was very tentative. Hope he pulls it together during next week's scrimmage, which I hope that he and the other starters sit out 3 or more quarters. Bottom line is that it will be very difficult to win many more games playing like he has the last two week. As to Tucker I have it on very good creds that he is banged up. He shouldn't see the field next week unless he is 100%, Kid needs total rest. Simply put, there is zero reason to play any player that is dinged up against Wagner.
Thought that Virginia dominated our OL, and I don't know what can be done to shore things up but Vet at the point of attack isn't working. Rhino could have cleaned up for him but with him out he is becoming a liability. Maybe he moves outside. No idea but he is struggling. OG had another stellar game but other than him we really don't have much at the position. Alford gives up on routes and Jackson scares me as each game he looks to be loose with the ball. Pena in my opinion has promise. I really want to see what some of the other kids can do against Wagner. Maybe the true frosh or the FIU transfers can come through, but we need someone other than OG to step up and soon.

The D continues to impress. Losing our stud is a blow not sure who steps up from a depth standpoint has to be a freshman or possibly Barth as he has some size. Can't afford another loss or teams or going to simply pound the ball on us.
Thought that our secondary was exceptional. GW is a stud and how good was it to see Coley make a game saving play.
Great job by the field goal unit especially the backup holder. Sound like Lig has first and seconds ready to go and like the fact that they are prepared for multiple scenarios. Also love the organization on kicks.

4 and 0 soon to be 5 zip. Please Dino don't play the starters other than a series or two. The kids don't need reps against a cream puff they need rest. Let's get healthy and win this dam thing!!

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