Class of 2018 New Commit: Logan Dieball (OH) Mid Signed



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Aug 15, 2011
30 Goals and 14 Assists last year on a team that won a state title.

Saw some highlights a few thoughts:

Decent size with some quickness but not overly fast. Obvioulsy its only positive highlights but he seemed comfortable with the ball in his stick and clearing from the D end.

Not sure if he is a 2 way guy or got caught on D but he did a nice job on a few clears amd wasn't affected by checks. Had some nice alley dodges but not much in the way of inverting.

Seemed real comfortable dodging into defenders and maneuvering his stick to get a shot off despite the traffic amd stick checks, was impressed on a few shots he scored on like that. Can shoot with either hand and opened up from deep on a few goals.

Could be a good candidate for ssdm especially is SU is moving more toward 2 way middies. I think he could be a force on the man up.

Nice pick up this late in the class.
Mar 2, 2017
I don't know if it is ever the plan with a kid, but I'd like to see us recruit some kids like Dieball to spend their whole careers as a defensive midfielders. Short sticks are just as important as long poles. All of our recent SSDM's have started on offense. It would be good for a player to know coming in we want you to play D. Not that they couldn't end up on O, however the plan is for them to play short stick. We need to develops ssdms.


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Jul 12, 2014
SSDM are important, they tend to come from varying origins and tend to improve at position with experience The best ones love playing it and are lead players on their teams. We had a mix of offensive and defensive players playing that position last year . Dearth, Hutchings, Oladuoye, Schwasnick , Partamian from O end then Helmer and Murphy from the D end. All possessed enough size, speed, strength, footwork as well as passable sticks. Dearth for one emerged as valuable ssdm after moving from OM and the unit progressed with season passage as rotation got tighter. The shotclock will require work in fall on subbing quickly to get our dm's on field . Two way mids and middy depth become more valuable if pace and transition pick up. Cuse seems positioned, all dm's return with another year of experience under belts and middy depth could afford running three decent lines whenever a fast pace game requires fresh legs.
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