Notes from the ACC Press Conference |

Notes from the ACC Press Conference

N.Y. Orangeman

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Aug 14, 2011
In addition to reiterating the notion that a "double digit" number of teams have contacted the ACC, here are some notes (paraphrased) from the Press Conference (apologies if this is somewhere else)

-Swofford telephoned Marinatto prior to the completion of the process.
Son, fat, drunk and stupid are no way to go through life...
-Swofford-"quietly active" in evaluating conference via the 444 committee for year and a half
444 Committeee meeting Tuesday
President's meeting (regular meeting)-Tuesday night
Discussions this week
Unanimous recommendation to go to 14 by 444 committee
-Believed landscape and circumstances shifted this week making this a good time to strengthen ACC
Not a reaction to SEC move, but general landscape

-Interesting note: Unanimously decided on exit fee, which is not fixed (125% of budget for year)
**means this will rise theoretically, no?

-Swofford-we will fully respect BE bylaws as to leaving.

-Nordenberg-Bylaws of BE provide for withdrawl. Change in college athletics never more pronounced. Wanted to improve BE, but made clear that if opportunities arose, they would be forced to evaluate-this was made clear in writing to Marinatto and Chair of BE in 2010; both responded that it was a position embraced by all members of BE and appreciated care taken in formulating this. Any characterization that Pitt led charge against signing ESPN deal is inaccurate; believe Pitt was the most constructive participants. ESPN contract was a unanimous vote.

-Swofford-comfortable with 14, not philosophically opposed to 16. No specifics on scheduling, but have to several models; no decisions made. Never seen this level of uncertainty and fluidity in college athletics.

-Nordenberg-Everyone will be looking at transition period to see if 27 month period makes sense or if it should be modified. Starting point is 27 months. Important to us that ACC comfortable with this if need be.

-Swofford-ACC changed bylaws as to expansion to make less cumbersome. Establishment of 444 committee a year and a half ago helped; basic work done there. 444 committee cohesive in process.

-Swofford-ACC can go to current TV rights holder to renegotiate deal by adding two schools. Only to ESPN; not to street for open bid. Confident additions will have a positive impact.

-Swofford-UT excellent institution and great athletic programs, but can't comment on specifics of any school's ongoing discussions.

-Swofford-Equal revenue sharing is sacred. Fundamental part of leagues since 1980s and I don't see this changing.

-Swofford- Deadline to get schools into conference next year unknown.

-Swofford-Open to moving tournament to MSG on a rotational basis. DC, ATL, Tampa all held, in addition to . In a 14 team conference, this is very appealing to ACC basketball fans.

-Swofford-SU/Pitt's application not tied to 444's meeting. Wouldn't discuss when SU/Pitt reached out

-Swofford on raising exit fees-View as a show of solidarity and confidence in each other. View as attached to economic loss of losing a member.

-Cantor-Expect collegial treatment from remaining members.

-Swofford-Not concerned about rumors of losing teams. There are reasons why conferences together that aren't about money; we are together for the right reasons.

-Swofford-our exit fee is 125% of annual budget in actual dollars, now right around $20m.

-Gross-not about stability, but opportunities and what is best for SU.

-Swofford-Not appropriate to name teams who have approached BE. Not focused on BE; focused on making ACC work.

-Swofford-confident that ACC can keep pace; SU and Pitt "beyond whole" compared to current revenues. Outstanding markets coupled with excellent teams. Very strong from a TV standpoint from both exposure and dollars standpoint.

-Swofford (on side tv deals/networks)-no current school has own tv deal, which is unique. Not many rights left for side deals due to ESPN's span.

-Cantor (on what were concerns with the BE)-Our concerns were forwarding looking with ACC. Increasingly strong Olympics and Women's sports; very excited. Traditional rivalries. Basketball compatibility. Quality of institutions. Match is perfect for us.

-Swofford (on why more unanimous now then 2003)-Everyone now on same page as to what is good for ACC going forward and what SU and Pitt bring in multiple ways. Much better process that worked beautifully.


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Aug 20, 2011
"Gross-not about stability"

Not sure I totally buy this one.

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