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Aug 26, 2011
Just saw this article on Carl Scheer.
My GF is a long time close friend to Carl and Marsha Scheer. I had the privilege of accompanying them to a Hornets game last year. He is truly a basketball legend. Carl was using a walker, and it was difficult for him to get around, but he was treated like royalty. The first person we ran into was Roy Williams and he started talking about the ABA with Carl. I got to meet a lot of the Hornets org including Paul Silas, Kemba, etc. Did not meet Michael however. When Kurt Rambis saw Carl he had to come over and say hello. Carl is not doing so well as this article points out. It’s sad what dementia has done to such a great mind.

Dementia is stealing Carl Scheer’s memories, but not his all-star basketball legacy
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