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Aug 28, 2011
We drove up Friday with a pleasant drive along the bumpy road we all love called I-81.
We've been staying at the Liverpool Super 8 the last few years and it's an inexpensive option for those who are making the trip with a Tully's, Dunkin, BK, and Denny's right near it.
Friday we went over and enjoyed some time with the statues, kids really love going there and getting pictures taking with them, the wife hopes to run into players or coaches haha. We followed this up with an enjoyable dinner at Tully's.
Saturday we headed over to the dome earlier to buy Clemson tickets and get the daughter registered for the cheerleader camp, the boy doesn't play football he is a numbers guy :)
We got premium parking at the Fine Lot and we showed our friends that came with us, who are new to Syracuse fandom, where the tailgates are normally set up. They will be up with us for the Clemson game and where in awe of the dome.
Box Office was amazing in finding us great seats for the Clemson game, showed a few spots before we settle on section 336 row Z, we where lucky to get isle seats, no I will not be doing beer runs :p
We found out early on that the email they sent out for the cheer camp was wrong and could not start registration until 10:30, so off to the other activities we went.
The legends line was already fairly long we showed up at a little before 10 and we found a spot which we took turns waiting and had some nice conversations with the folks around us and took turns walking around with the kids.
The wife and I got to see the Dungey, Conley, and Mungro Q&A. Dungey was the only one of time as the football game was running a bit late.
Conley was hilarious, I had no idea, he shared some good stories about Coach P and how he made him cry on two different times one being in front of Boeheim. He also gave high praise to Dungey and the outgoing seniors for getting Cuse football back.
Lot's of good stuff from all three and really reinforced how much I'm going to miss Dungey and what he did for us.
I give the University an A+ for what they organized before the game, it was very kid friendly. They had a bounce house, clowns, balloon guys, and some games set up for them.

We found seats in the front row, kids really enjoy being close to everything, and everyone really enjoyed the game and getting to see alot of players close up on the field.
We had a ton of recruits at the event, it was really hard to make out names on badges they where wearing but I did some big boys and what looked to be grown A.. men so lots of them passed the look test.
One of the dad's starting talking to my son about football and if he played and or friends son who does play. He introduced himself and it turned out to be Dorian Nowell's dad. He made a comment about how much snow Syracuse gets to which I said "Everything is indoors and the know how to deal with snow here better then most places". He said they where having a great day and was very nice. They then went out to midfield and talked to Dino for a bit.

The game itself was enjoyable and had to check the rooster a few times and saw some great things on both O1 and D1 teams.
Jawahr Jordan is what we thought he would be, the kid can fly one miss or move and he gone.
We have so much depth at WR it's really scary. Lutz looks like he is fully recovered and ready to push for time at slot WR.
T. Jackson was making some amazing catches in practice with little effort and had great one handed catch on the sideline during the game.
The Oline looked good for spring game, the 3rd string had some issues with penalties and giving up pressure but 1st string held it together nicely.
Defense was ball hawking all day and trying to get it every play, was awesome to watch them all go after and when they got it they all went crazy.

After the game the signatures where kind of chaotic as some players did not get over to the tables and Tommy had a mob around him quickly.
They ended up only giving fans 30 minutes to get signatures and that left us only to get the Offensive players which was disappointing.
I got to talk to Mo Neal's dad for a bit as Mo was chatting with my son about his Orange wig he was wearing, really nice man and raised a great son. Most of the players had big smiles and where very friendly.

Overall for us it was a great time and will hold us over for a bit till real football time. Syracuse really upped their game for this and deserves some major credit from going from just a "game" last year to all this events in one day this year with little to no issues.

I'm going to add a bunch of pictures to this with some of the event and the game itself.

P Vasiloff

Feb 2, 2017
The man that holds the keys to this season imo
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Got a chance to speak with Coach Cavanaugh yesterday. He was confident the offensive line will be fine. Stated that the two incoming tackles will help out and what is here is progressing nicely. I have a lot of faith in his coaching ability, we are lucky to have him. Go Orange!!!!!!!

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