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Aug 26, 2011
Max Kepler hit 5 straight homers over two starts vs. Trevor Bauer so ESPN Sportscenter cited several other examples of one major league athlete having a streak against another. fro example, Tom Brady is 8-0 vs. Philip Rivers, "the second longest streak of the Super Bowl Era". They didn't say who had the longest such streak. then they looked at the NBA, where LeBron James has won his last 24 games against Kemba Walker's teams. that's the second longest streak ever.

The first longest streak is the 27 straight wins Michael Jordan had against Sherman Douglas. :(

He's one I looked up myself: the Dolphins once won 21 straight vs. the Bills, (including the entire 1970's). The first 11 of those were wins by Larry Csonka's team over O. J. Simpson's team. So there. :mad:
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