Post SU-Wake Forest thoughts


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Aug 14, 2011
I usually like to watch parts of the game over before doing this, but I haven't had it in me these last few weeks.
Some thoughts:
  • The OL had another good game run blocking. There's still a handful of plays a game where it seems the OL takes the play off and no one gets blocked, but overall we ran the ball really well.
  • Thought the pass blocking was overall decent, but every QB is going to face some pressure over the course of the game and have to be able to not have a negative play every time that happens. I feel that has been the case with Rex. While Devito is no Mcnabb, he at least would run for an occasional 1st down and move the sticks. It seems like every time Culpepper was pressured, he got sacked. Every opposing QB I see is able to buy time and complete some passes on the run. The one Morgan completed on the last drive is almost as many as we have all year and contrary to what Dino said, was under some pressure. He got rid of the ball quickly and accurately.
  • Don't recall any egregious drops by the receivers- a drop by taj while getting tackled, but nothing major. But we need to see what else we have there. Is there anyone on the roster who can make contested catches? They don't need to start, but let's see what Hendrix, Barron, and Alford can do with some serious reps. We know what Queeley and Taj can do and they should continue to play, too.
  • Penalties-I'm so frustrated by the penalties. Year after year, we are undisciplined and get more penalties than our opponents. You see a program at Wake with similar talent and they seem to always be well-coached and disciplined.
  • Tackling-Continue to have too many missed tackles, as well as too many tackles where our guys get dragged for 3-4 yards after making contact with the ball carrier. I love Mikel, but he had a very rough game yesterday-missed a bunch of tackles. Cantin-Arku has also missed a bunch over the year. I'd love to see more Kpogba (cabana)-This guy brings it and unlike some of our guys, when he tackles you, you go down right away.
  • We continue to ignore our Tight Ends
  • I will say that I didn't see a bunch of runs where no one is there like we had against Liberty, so kudos to the better gap discipline
  • Unfortunate that Hanna got hurt (though he came back), but was nice to see Labrosse out there. Thought he tackled well when given the chance. Would seem to be a better match strength-wise at the rover than Hanna.
  • Based on our LB depth and lack of DB's, would like to see some 3-4. The extra LB might also help our tackling.
  • If you want to start Rex, fine, but don't see any benefit of him playing most of the game. As mentioned above, he can't do anything with pressure, his arm doesn't appear to have much zip, and he's a 5th year Senior. Dino said he still wants a winning season, but even if we'd win out (highly unlikely no matter who's out there), we'd be 5-6. Let's get something positive out of the year and get both of our young QB's some serious reps. If they can't run enough of the offense by game 8 (and week 9 when you factor in the bye), then there's either a serious problem with the complexity of our offense and/or with our QB recruiting. We see more and more young Quarterbacks playing early-Heck, Dungey played game 2 of his True Freshman year. There can't possibly be less expectations of them based on our offense this year and our OL has been playing better each week. I don't get Dino's thinking-Not sure if he's afraid of a QB controversy, losing by a few more points, losing the team? It seems he just wants the season to end (like the Pitt game). I believe there is literally nothing to lose, as Rex isn't getting any better at this point and he's accounted for more scores for the other team than ours. If we're going to struggle on offense this year, let's at least help ourselves for future years.
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Jan 14, 2016
I get being loyal to your SR starters. That is honorable. Rex is not a starter. He is a backup that was forced to play. There is no reason to play him out of "loyalty". I woudl start Rex and have a designed 3rd drive of the game for Morgan. Then once we fall behind by 17 (3 scores), I play Morgan the rest of the way. Whether that be 1st Q or 2 mins left in the 4th Q.

IMO the OL hasn't been that bad this year. The haven't been good but have been as terrible as last year. The first two games we didn't run the ball at all. Part of that though IMO was the guys we had at RB. Since those first two games we have run it pretty well. As to pass blocking IMO a lot of those were coverage sacks. You cannot expect these players to hold blocks all that long. IMO part of that was the QB. Part of that was the play calling/routes. The OL is far from good but they have provided enough that we can be competitive.


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Aug 25, 2013
Good takes. My biggest issue with all of this is not having the guts to try something different. (Meaning putting a frosh qb in earlier or changing to more lbs) sometimes you find lightening in a bottle. He did it with TD when Dungey struggled. There is no reason he shldnt try the same here. Scheme a few series for these kids. It's a free year to get exerience. Don't piss it away. It will either confirm your belief they aren't ready; or maybe they are gamers. At least try.


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Jan 20, 2015
I think the lack of size in our LBs is an issue. Missed tackles are often due to losing a battle at point of impact. Good unit but need some pounds
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