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Aug 26, 2011
We're nearly finished with Week 4, and then it's time for the first International Break.

At the top of the table we see Liverpool, who are humming pretty nicely right now. They have a fine new goal keeper, despite his flub today, and Liverpool are perfect through 4 games. I'm happy to see Mane doing well, because he seemed like the 1 guy from their attacking 3 who might get upset if he felt overlooked. Glad to see Firmino get a goal, as well. Keita in midfield is very good; he reminds me a bit of Michael Essien. Wijnaldum has been very good so far, too. Their backs are young, but boy they look very good.

Man City is going to miss kevin DeBruyne, who was injured in practice between games 1 and 2. Mendy and Mahrez make their attack different, and give them a new dimension over last year. DeBruyne is the engine of that team, though. David SIlva is very good, but a different player. City better hope the gap doesn't get too big between now and Kevin's return in November. An injury to Frank Lampard, who played a similar role for Chelsea, back in the fall of 2010 after a World Cup derailed Chelsea's bid to retain the title, and they were out of it by Christmas.

Speaking of Chelsea, so far so good. Morata plays a lot like Fernando Torres, and has a similar psyche. Giroud is a better center forward. I like our attacking play as Sarri's system is installed, but David Luiz is exposed when there are only 2 center backs, and not 3 like they played under Antonio Conte. I wouldn't be surprised to see Christensen eventually win over the coach and take his place after a mistake by Luiz in a big game to come. Once the Europa League games start, I hope we see more of the bench. Mateo Kovacic is a very good player, and brings some toughness to the midfield that Jorghino is lacking. Jorghino has taken over Fabregas' role in the team, but isn't much better defensively. He keeps things flowing and moving forward, but so far we haven't seen the killer passes from him that we saw from Fabregas. Kepa, the new goal keeper for Chelsea is young, and has made a couple mistakes already, but gotten away with it, thanks to Chelsea's early penchant for scoring late.

Next, let's look at Man United. Mourinho is unnecessarily upsetting players and has created an awful atmosphere in his locker room. He traditionally doesn't trust younger players, but the younger players are the best players on United. He has to change his ways or he will be the first of the Big 6 coaches to be fired this year.

Spurs made ZERO signings this summer, and half their squad played deep into the World Cup as England made the semifinals. But Lucas Moura, a forgotten man at PSG who arrived last January has finally found his feet, and has added some dynamism to their attack that has been lacking from Dele Alli, who is more petulant that focused when he is on the pitch. Spurs have to win something this year, and they know it. Deep squad who is growing into a mature team. Right now, Son (who scored about 14 goals for them last year) is playing in the Asia Cup, and if South Korea doesn't win the final, he is going to have to serve in the military for the next 2 years, so Spurs are worried they could lose an important player.

Arsenal made good signings, in my opinion, and Unai Emory was a good choice to succeed Wenger after 22 years. They are off to a slow start, and they are still way too soft. This is a team that needs more of a nasty streak. They will be better next season, but won't make top 4 this year.

Everton, Wolves, Bournemouth, Watford and Leicester City are all pretty good teams who can play some positive football, score goals and beat people. Even top 6 teams, as we have already seen. Fulham has received a lot of investment since moving up this year, and look like they intend to stay for a while.

West Ham has a very good roster and a former champion on the bench in Manuel Pelligrini. I just hope they show patience, because with that roster, they should be in the top half of the table. Same thing goes with Crystal Palace. If Christian Benteke could ever start scoring goals again, this too should be a mid-table team.

Huddersfield, Brighton, Newcastle, Burnley and Cardiff don't look like they have enough goals in them to reach mid-table, and my choice for the 3 to drop is among these 5 teams.

Your thoughts so far?
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