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Quick postgame thoughts-SU/FSU


Nunzio Prophet
Aug 14, 2011
  • First of all, want to thank all the Seniors who have given everything they have to the program. Will miss them quite a bit
  • Which brings me to...Who of our top players will be back next year? We'll likely be losing Tucker, Mikel, Garrett Williams, Bergeron, maybe Wax.
  • Was frustrating to watch a game that we were not competitive from the very beginning to the very end. I told my wife that 38-3 didn't tell the story of the game-If FSU wanted to, they could have won by much more than that. 2nd week in a row where it seems the other coach eased up the 2nd half. 2nd game in a row where they had no concern we could score a TD, which we didn't for the 2nd game in a row.
  • I feel it's not a coincidence that the offense has been worse since Dino publicly called out the playcalling after the Clemson game of not giving Tucker the ball more. I think he's meddling in the offense and I'll take Anae's track record there at this point
  • I know Dino loves talking about injuries this time of year, but we're relatively healthy on offense.
  • How does Dino not call a Timeout in the end and at least give the guys something to feel a little positive about in the end?
  • What was the logic in leaving a clearly compromised Shrader in until almost the end, long past the time that FSU waved the white flag and pulled theirs? I don't get this mindset from Dino that Shrader deserves to say when he should come out. Was he watching the same game? He didn't have it.
  • Thought Jason Simmons played very well.
  • As usual, in spite of some struggles, the Defense tried to keep us in the game.
  • Other than szmyt, special teams have been terrible. When is the last time we had a good return and when is the last time that the first guy down on coverage actually makes the tackle
  • Wes Hoeh doing what he does-penalties, getting beat. Not sure how he's still on the field
  • I wish this could be a more positive post, but not much to be positive about yesterday. Will need to score some points next week or it could get ugly again

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