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Aug 26, 2011
Just in case anyone has come across the issue.. I have multiple TVs in the game room. As I update the room I was wondering how deal with Tvs trying to change channels/volume over each other.. I was trying to avoid having to buy multiple brands just to deal with that and even that doesnt always work..

I found some notes on a site that mentioned that if your Roku TV allows pairing of remotes then it works as IR or RF remote but the default remote that comes with the TV will be a IR one.. Found the $20 RF remote will work off amazon and now I have 3 Roku Tvs that dont mess with each other.. The Fire Tvs work a bit the same, but so far the power controls both but once on they dont mess with the other signals.

Then I found colored skins for the remotes so you know which one controls which TV and life is good..

Solved my other volume issue with a sound bar and digital sound switch.. now I have the Tvs all wired to a digital sound switch and then it feeds the sound bar.. The remote is not the greatest but its easy to control which tv sends the volume.. Only issue, I only have 4 inputs but the sound bar has digital and HDMI in so that gives me 5 controls..

all the other tvs have to fend for themselves.

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