Class of 2019 RB Vincent Davis (FL) Verbal to Pitt

Apr 16, 2015
Not going to worry. There are an abundance of great players out there. The hope is we will finish strong both in recruiting and for the season and thereby position ourselves to harvest those stalwart players. Based on nothing but my little Orange heart, I believe we're pursuing higher caliber players and therefore the jilting disappointments are more regular. Keep shaking the high school/JUCO and transfer tree and we'll eventually land a bumper crop. And yes, I really like agricultural metaphors.

This new freshman 4 game rule is going to help this year in November with our sparsely stocked depth. I don't know to what degree, but I'm pleased we have the option. And don't forget we've in a sense already bagged 2, 4-stars for the 2019 clas w/transfers WR Tristan Jackson (MSU) and RB Abdul Adams (OU).

Here's hoping no cigar for Lester and WMU on Friday night August 31st.

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