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Regular season de-brief etc...


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Aug 26, 2011
So story isn't completely written just yet even if the likelihood it goes differently than all signs point is very low. Not going to speak go that ending until its in stone...

So some odds and ends and half thoughts worked in:

First off tonight, which sucks not being able to be there as a longtime fan, alum and blessed to have been a frosh the same year as Gerry and Melo- was so well done.. many thanks for posting the videos- damn if that doesn't bring out the waterworks. As others have said so glad to see Billy E and have him get a massive ovation.

Second- great game by Jesse on a big night. We can't lose on a night with so much royalty in the house and reflecting on something that holds a special place in all of our hearts, especially those who lived cuse hoops prior to it. The team came through and got it done. Wanted to see JBA out there and for Joe to have a big game too but I'll take Jesse having a monster game. I'd love to see him back..

Third.. and on a longer note- some thoughts on players and figuring out whatever the hell comes next. I'm not hitting the coaching part as we have enough threads on that.. and yeah that will impact players etc etc etc.. but let's hit on a couple things..

Judah played like he was on his senior night.. I hope that isn't the case. Give us one more year man.. then be the next cuse lottery pick. Find the 3pt shot as a part of your flow and become one of the shooters on the floor...

This connects me to who I want to discuss next.. Quadir. Kid has that special flair.. which at many times has made him a human turnover and matador defender but as a co spirit guide next to JBA and a Melo/Magic like smile you can't not root for the kid. I've loved the minutes he has given in spots but especially the end of this year where his energy has been productive and he hasn't forced or overplayed his hand. Then tonight comes the kind of play I've been waiting to see after all the highlights. That spin and dish.. it wasn't finished but just yeah. Put it together young man and you can be special.

Brown is some strength work and and aggression away... he just needs to add 10-15 pounds and work on being more aggressive.

Ok so if you can't tell I'm trying to piece a lineup together... let's keep at it.

We need a shooter/scorer now. Judah comes back and gives us that as well... I think JT can help but feel he is still a bench guy until Jr year. Can Bell make a leap to rebound and defend and be a 12-15 a night guy? To me its that or hit the portal for that guy hard.

Ok so thats 4, plus a solid bench guy in JT and or maybe not Bell.. depending on how that works out..

So at the 5- give me Jesse back please... but given that's not likely then let's get a ourselves a 6-9/6-10 240 kid in the portal. Hima comes back and improves and adds shotblocking and rebounding.. but he's always still max a 15 min guy and 20-25 in spots.

You have then Carey who is an enigma and then not sure with Symir and Benny. In either case gotta have probably 3 portal finds for next year to seal the holes on this team. There is a path though...for whoever is coaching..

Also this post isn't to say I am any less worried about the future... what unfolds with the roster/coaching over the next 8 weeks and then the summer development holds the key...
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