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Aug 29, 2011
I can’t say always but Robinson seems to get doubled a lot. I’m sure they are a focus of every team we play. Their effectiveness will get better when we get McKinley back I hope.

Lots of short drops and teams running wide. Maryland rarely took a full drop in that whole game so when they did we weren’t nearly as effective as we were last year.


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Aug 15, 2011
Yeah I think teams are going to throw quick, move the QB, and double team our guys all year to try to minimize the damage they can do.

Not something we can try ourselves on offense, gotta stick to the plan.


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Dec 28, 2013
For this team to be successful we need these two to be disruptive

Use whatever excuse you want, double teamed, quick throws, etc but if they don’t get to the QB it severely hurts the rest of our D and we’ve seen this first hand in our first 3 games this season


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Aug 29, 2011
Yeah, I've been saying all along, no adjustments to the offensive game plan to try and counteract what the D is doing, even when we run a play that deviates from the plan and works we don't go back to it to force the D to adjust, I don't see any other teams play calling try to do what we are. Its as if we have a prescripted 80 play list with a hand full of plays on it (95% run up the middle or deep drops and slow developing routes).

Many teams seem to be willing to try counteract what we are doing on D, but not us our offensive game plan/play calling has been worse that the predictable play calling we used to have under P and D. Just don't understand, Dino is not showing himself to be much of an offensive mind yet. Dungey taking off on a 20 yard scramble when protection broke down doesn't constitute an offense. Very worried about Dino and the offense. When Dungey would scramble and keep a series alive and move the chains is a large part of what allowed us at times to play fast. Having the D have to run back to the LOS and be ready for a quick snap without subbing is what makes the "play fast work", but if you can't move the ball then all it will do is put your D back on the field faster. Dino has recognized that and only gets up on the ball quick to prevent the other team from subbing, then we back off and go slow. We have plenty of offensive problems to go around, but there are plenty of things that we could do on offense to help mitigate the issues. Shorter routes to get the ball out faster, especially including the TE's and RB's. The swing passes are there is we were willing to use them more often. We ran one screen but ran a middle Screen right into the strength of the defense. No jet sweeps (one later in the game I think), no stretch plays to gives the back a chance. Even Ettiene had trouble running up the middle against us. Even a few designed QB keepers, fake the handoff up the middle and keep on the edge, to keep the D honest. DeVito is mobile enough to do this. If they are worried about him getting hurt, I'm more worried about him getting hurt when getting sacked or scrambling behind the line than I am running down field where he can dive down when he wants like he did one time yesterday.

If we are not spending significant time working on the WR's coming back on scrambling situations to the ball the coaches are not as good as hoped, this problem was obvious before Clemson and didn't look any better. Again head scratching. When Tommy is scrambling he is getting no help. A bad int each game, sure, but overall the play calling, OL and WR's are not helping one bit, we need to get better in all phases of the offense and DeVito also but the coaches are not putting the players in a position to succeed consistently during the game.

Dino better figure out how to bend his offensive philosophy, more and more fans are getting restless and not happy with the play calling philosophy and lack of offensive adjustment despite the shortcomings we have.

Defense wasn't great but put us in a position to be right in the game against the #1 team in the country.


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Aug 26, 2011
Alton held a few times in front of the official with no calls. They’re flushing out of the pockets somewhat but they don’t credit for that. Short drops and quick throws don’t help.

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