Shuttle buses and downtown tailgates/parties


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Jun 5, 2012
Now that the euphoria over this past season has settled down somewhat, it’s time to review some serious business regarding next season: namely, where the hell can we tailgate since the status of the West lots remains highly questionable due to the proposed construction upgrades to the Dome?

Skytop/Manly sounds feasible, but are the shuttles to and from the Dome run efficiently? How long are the waiting times to get to and from the lots and the Dome?

I’ve heard some good things about the pre-game party at the Hotel Syracuse, but nothing about the shuttle they supposedly have. Same question: is it efficiently run?

I’ve also heard or read that the Courtyard by Marriott in Armory Square ran a shuttle. Anybody have any comments about this?

It’s a long way ‘til next season, but never too early to plan. I’d love to read some suggestions and experiences.


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Aug 15, 2011
If we get to the point of more lots closing in Stadium West I expect SU will have options for the affected.

I'm hoping the school uses the lot across the street from us (east going up the hill) as a staging ground and we can hang on for another 5 years at the Fine Lot. If the handwriting is on the wall we can try a mass move to another lot (school or private).
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