So now we see what this team is really made of |

So now we see what this team is really made of


All Conference
Aug 26, 2011
Syracuse 2-12 BC 17-24
16.7% 70.8%
How does that happen? When is the last time someone shot 70% from 3 and took more than 10 shots against us?
At some point don't you get out on the shooters and let them make a few 2's if they drive the lane?
I mean, they pretty much didn't miss. Where was the vaunted zone defense that invites 3's but ends up forcing the opposition to shoot a woeful %?

But aside from that the real problem is that we have several players who cannot put the ball in the basket from point blank range. For those who can be honest... this is the culmination of a definite trend which has been in the making for the past month. With the exception of the Duke game our offense is in serious need of work. It seems that instead of occasionally having one player be off and the others chipping in... we essentially have the entire team offensively challenged with one person saving the day.

There is still much to be excited about and one loss does not mean throw the baby out with the bathwater. But to be sure, we have some problems that if not addressed this dream season could possibly be remembered as a nightmare.

I think JB and these kids will pull together and now instead of playing NOT TO LOSE... they can just come out and play. We haven't seen them play the brand of ball that we saw them play at times earlier this season. The shots have been so tentative I could feel the tension sitting in my living room. How many airballs have wee seen in the past couple games.

No matter what people have been saying this team has been playing tense and it's really showing. Yes, this really sucked, especially the way we lost and who we lost to but come on, I still believe in this team. I've seen how they can play with my own eyes.

Only time will tell. Saturday should tell us everything we need to know about how this season is going to turn out. I'm still on board... we can do this.

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