SU Basketball History Says ...


Aug 24, 2011
In the 1980s, SU was a program predicated on offense, getting out on the break and scoring more points than most. We were very often a top 20 offensive team.

In the he mid-90s, this changed, as did CBB (as a whole) to honest. Defensive competence became the trait that got you on the court at Syracuse. Now, things have changed again. But it is cloudy. There does not appear to be a program-wide standard. Precious little consistency.

This is an above-grade offensive team, even without Sidibe. I think that defense needs to be prioritized for the rest of this year. It’s time to stop falling behind by 8-12 points in the first half. It’s time to insert players who affect the defensive end by thinking the game and anticipating. Richmond and Braswell come to mind. Edwards, too, but to a much lesser degree.

The offense will come. I have little worry there, outside of when playing Virginia. We need an extra stop or two per half. Do that and we can make some noise.

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