Surprising Personnel Outcomes


2nd String
Sep 6, 2011
With the obvious acknowledgment that this was just the end of spring ball and not definitive, the depth chart we saw out there today is a good indicator of where the coaching staff is leaning in a couple of position battles. That being said, here were the outcomes which most surprised me:

I think the biggest and most obvious one was Courtney Jackson getting the start as our second slot receiver. Assuming this group reflects coaches true thoughts on where things currently stand, that means Jackson was such a stud that he convinced the coaches that he could do better than Nykeim, Queeley, Sharod, etc in just a few weeks of practice! If that turns out to be true it could help take our offense to the next level.

I thought that Anthony Red getting the nod at right tackle over Mike Clark was also surprising, and in a sense encouraging, for the same reasons. He managed to convince the staff in a few short weeks that he was better than several other options at tackle. That speaks well to his potential.

I believe that Tuazama was actually our 4th (or at worst 5th) defensive tackle today, meaning he ascended beyond Harper and/or Grosvenor. That, again, is impressive for a true freshman.

Finally, part of me was surprised that it was the two seniors starting at linebacker, though really I shouldn’t be surprised. This would be the third straight year that the senior most linebackers became the starters, if that happens.
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