Syracuse pays basketball opponents to (hopefully) lose; how buy games work


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Aug 28, 2011
That article was well done on a number of levels. Love a good long read; nice change of pace from the Sub. This offered some good insight into how difficult those mid-major coaching jobs are - not just coaching and recruiting from a disadvantage, but also some pretty serious fundraising duties (and this was a good reminder that I owe Matt Langel a check...).

Nice explanation of the Arkansas State connection and Boeheim's typical regional preference. Can't say I've ever seen "largesse" spelled without the second "e" before, though.

I forgot how obnoxious Buffalo's coach is. Cool that Boeheim's big about it, though. Hope we crush them this year.

One thing I wish they'd followed up on: why no Eastern Michigan for the first time in years?


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Apr 1, 2018
We won't go anywhere for less than $85k. LOL. Oats is such a jacka$$
There are very few good home and homes OOC because the school who hosts the first of them has a huge advantage. If 2 good schools agree to help each other out and schedule a home and home and keep the buyout low there is no incentive for the team that hosts the first year to play the return game. Its a bad trend one school usually has to pay the other. Theres almost 400 D1 teams the good ones should really play more OOC.

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