The Confusing Landscape of NIL, Recruiting, and the Portal |

The Confusing Landscape of NIL, Recruiting, and the Portal


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Sep 2, 2011
With NIL and the Portal, there are many questions which makes it very difficult to understand their impact on things that impact the program. Here are a few questions that come to mind...

- How much involvement is there between those who fund/provide NIL dollars to recruits/players and the athletic department and coaching staff? Seems to me that there is a lot more communication and planning behind the scenes than what is likely disclosed. How could there not be when it comes to prioritizing NIL deals based on who the coaching staff wants?

- Let's say I win the lottery tomorrow. No one can stop me from getting into the NIL game, right? What I'm getting at is can't someone like Adam W just work independently regardless what the University or athletic department wants?

- How competitive is SU? I'm sure there are other programs that can outspend us, so where are we in the pecking order? And by us, I mean those with the cash.

- Are some programs (i.e. Miami) able to compete at a higher level for recruits because a booster (i.e. Ruiz) has deeper pockets? Is that happening now?

- Based on what I read about Elijah Moore (at least what he said) was that all of the schools that recruited him offered NIL deals so that wasn't much of a factor. If that's the case, for a recruit at his level, it sounded like it wasn't so much a bidding war but more of an entry fee to be able to compete for him. I wonder how true that is with other players that are top 100. I'm sure with top 10 guys what NIL deals that are offered makes more of a difference.

- Are those who are offering NIL deals really benefiting from the player's name and image? The way it's mostly talked about is more of a contract to play rather than how the concept was originally planned. Taking the question further, is there anything that is done to prove or show that a player is doing anything or their image/name is being used?

- This probably can't be answered but I also wonder how much knowledge players have about what other players are making. It seems to me that guys could get very salty if they know that they're only making xx dollars while someone else (who they don't think is as good) is making more.


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Aug 14, 2011
The portal and NIL will test the one and done. Great freshman are going to struggle to beat talented 3-5 year players.

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