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The Downside - Arizona State


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Aug 26, 2011
- We had to sweat out a game where we had n 18 point halftime lead. We had chances to push the lead out to where it might be insurmountable. Instead, we had to grimly hold on to win by 8, knowing how losing that lead could be devasting to our season. Disaster never occurred but it had its eyes on us.

- The big reason was that still another team went off from three on us. A big reason we had that 18 point halftime lead was that State was 4 for 16 from three in the first half. In the second half they were 11 for 23, (48%). They came in shooting 31% on the year. Overall in this game they were 38.5%. Jim Boeheim at the half said “we found the shooters”. We lost them again in the second half. We have Buddy and Jimmy Boeheim. Joe Girard and Cole Swider but we have 41 threes in 5 games compared to 62 for the opposition. That’s’ ridiculous. The chief culprit is Girard, plays defense as if we were just circling the wagons, (“Tavern League” – although I didn’t know they played zone in Tavern leagues.). The beauty of Jim’s zone is that his players can go our and over shooters and be covered when they do, especially with shot blockers like Edwards and Anselem inside. So let’s do it!

- We don’t’ handle defensive pressure well. Again, Jimmy Satalin said that Joe Girard’s teammates need to make sure he ahs an outlet guy to get the ball to so and not just jog downcourt, letting Joe take on the pressure by himself. And Joe needs to look to pass or to dribble by guys rather than doing his dribbling exhibition/spin moves. He’s not Steph Curry or marquess Haynes. He’s Joe Girard and he needs to play and shoot like it.

- JB played the same five guys until Cole Swider fouled out with 1:09 left. And I don’t’ blame JB. His three reserves: Symir Torrence, Benny Williams and Frank Anselem just don’t’ give him very much when they are in there. In the two games, They’ve played a combined 53 minutes and are 0 for 4 from the field. Anselem made two free throws for their only points. They did have 5 rebounds3 assists a block and a steal but, again, that’s in 53 minutes.

- Colgate just lost to Harvard so the two teams that have beaten us have lost to Cornell, Harvard, Wagner and Chattanooga.

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