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Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Positive signs aside, it was another loss, our 5th straight and we are 1-7, still looking at a 1-10 disaster. CoVid, the schedule and injuries all played a role but there have been some things wrong beyond that.

- Once again we couldn’t move the ball in what should have been the last possession of the half, gave the ball back to the other team and then couldn’t keep them out of the end zone before the half. Against Clemson we got the Pick 6 at 1:18 but Clemson went 56 yards, somehow managing to get off 10 plays in that time and kicked a field goal to make it 14-27 instead of 14-24. Against Wake Forest, we went 3 and out after getting the ball at the 3:12 mark. Wake got it back at 2:26 and went 57 yards in 4 plays, each of which went at least 11 yards to give the Deacons a 7-17 lead instead of 7-10. Today, we got the ball with 2:23 left in the half in a 3-3 game, got one first down but punted with 1:23 left. BC went 66 yards in three plays to make it 3-10.

- If you are down by 10 and drive into the other team’s territory in the final minute of play shouldn’t you save time by kicking the field goal and give yourself time to get the ball back and try to get a touchdown? We scored with 21 seconds left and wound up calling time outs with 16, 11 and 6 seconds left before BC knelt down to run the clock out.

- We have a strong pass defense, even with two star players out, thanks to the 3-3-5 alignment but we just can’t stop the run with only three guys taking on 5 interior offensive linemen. This game didn’t feature the long bursts we’ve given up in other games but BC returned to their Addazio mold and ran for 191 yards on 47 carries. David Bailey, who had gained just 304 yards at 3.6 a pop prior to this game, 125 yards and 25 carries against us. It allow BC to keep the ball for 38 minutes and 23 seconds. Don’t we have the capability to switch to a 4-3 when teams try to run it down our throats?

- Turnover margin used to be our great advantage against our opposition. We were +12 through the Liberty game. With the two turnovers today, we are now -8 since then. We had the interception and fumble in consecutive possessions. Fortunately the defense held and we only gave up 3 points but that’s what we lost by.

- We had three penalties on kicks, all by veteran players, (Aaron Hackett twice and Tyrell Richards)

- I’m listening to Brent Axe and he said that the refs should have called forward progress on the Tucker fumble- they let it go while BC tried to pry the ball out of his hands. I don’t know about that but Morgan surely scored when he held the ball past the pylon. We scored on the next play but it was a pretty disgusting call on that occasion.

- Jacobian Morgan had solid numbers and looked good on a bunch of plays. But he also made some strange-looking throws and added nothing to the running game. There were some potential big plays where he failed to get the ball to the receiver. He passed for 124 yards in the first half but 64 in the second as BC adjusted their defense and showed him looks he had not seen. Giving him a shot was a small step forward but I don’t know that this is the beginning of the Jacobian Morgan Era.

- We had 52 yards rushing at 2.5 yards per carry. If you take out the sacks, it was 72 at 4.2 a pop. BC has a much improved defense but that’s still not enough.

- We were 3 for 11 on 3rd down, (there were no fourth down tries in this game). They were 10 for 19. For the season we are 30/122 on 3rd and 4th down, (24.6%). Our opponents are 67/142 (47.2%). We have 107 first downs this year. The other guys have 202. It’s hard to overcome that.

- A game of inches. Taj Harris and Zay Flowers both made spectacular end zone catches. Taj had a toe out of bounds. Zay was inbounds by two inches. (It was also a game of Taj and Zay.)


Living Legend
Aug 30, 2011
The Tucker fumble was close. I thought they should have called forward progress. I think he was moving backward when they ripped it out.

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