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Aug 26, 2011
- “I always say that we want two things out of every game: to win and to feel like more wins are on the way. Right now, in this season, I’ll extend that to this: we need to pile up the wins while we strive to become the team we should really be, as opposed to the team we’ve seen so far. We want to inflate the record and get strong enough to prevent it from deflating at the end of the season.” That’s how I started the Upside after the Clemson game. We didn’t get either thing out of this game. The ball has rolled back down the hill.

- The Duke game wasn’t the one that mattered. Sure it would be huge to be able to beat them but that is very unlikely. We have to collect as many wins as we can against the other teams that will be chasing the Blue Devils and the Cavaliers and the Tar Heels, (or should I say the Seminoles or the Wolfpack), so we could be seen as the best of those teams. We sure didn’t look like it tonight.

- We were settling for outside shots far too much in the first half: We attempted 25 field goals and 19 of them were from beyond the arc. We have no chance to win that way. In the second half we settled down and attempted 18 two point shots and 14 treys. Ironically, we were down 1 at the end of the first half and got blown out in the second half.

- How did that happen? Tech won this game with a 17-3 run early in the second half that gave them a 15 point lead. We never got back within 10 and lost by 14. Let’s break down that stretch, which was from 19:09-13:23, a period of 5:46. Tech missed a jumper and we got the rebound, only to turn the ball over. They missed a try but got the rebound and dunked it. We missed a trey. They got the rebound but turned it over.We missed a jumper. They got the rebound and a trey on the other end. We missed a layup, got the rebound but they stole it and got a trey on the other end. We got a lay-up and they missed one. We got the rebound but they stole it and got a trey on the other end. They stole it and got a lay-up on the other end. We missed a trey. They got the rebound but turned it over and we missed another trey. We got the rebound and were fouled. We made 1 of 2 free throws. They got the rebound and beat us down court again for a lay-up. We were 1 for 6 from the field with 4 turnovers. Only half our attempts were treys. They were 6 of 9 including a follow-shot dunk, three treys and two lay-ups off fast breaks. It was about offensive malfunctions and not getting back on the fast break. The rest of the game we just traded baskets and enver really made a run at them.

- We wound up 7 for 33 on treys, 21.2% but we were only 11 for 24 inside the arc, 45.8%. We are normally 50%+. We had 19 turnovers. Tech is a good defensive team but we were too easy to defend tonight.

- Oshae Brissett was scoreless in the first half and got only 3 shots off. He had a big second half but we could have come into that half with a substantial lead if he’d played like that in the first half.

- Tyus Battle was 3 for 12 from the field and is now 7 for 25 in his alst two games, including 1 for 10 from three point range.

- Elijah Hughes had his normal game otherwise but was 1 for 8 from three point range, worst on the team, including some that would have been big ones in the mommentof the game.

- Buddy Boeheim hit three big threes that looked as though they might have keyed a rally but he wasn’t able to maintain it, missing his last 5 shots. Jim Satalin said that he was getting tired – he had’t played that much in a game before. His Dad was obviously hoping for a hot streak that never quite got going.

- Marek Dolezaj attempted 2 field goals in 28 minutes. When we ran the offense through him in the first half we actually looked decent for a while. We didn’t do that much in the second half. At one point, Brissett, who can’t pass, was in the high post and Dolezaj was over by the sideline.

- James Banks, Abdoulaye Gueye and Evan Cole, (any relation to Ethan?) were a combined 13 for 19 from the field. Our big guys were….never mind.

- Paschal Chukwu responded to his benching with aggressive play but went down in the second half with a leg injury and had to be helped off the field.

- The rebounding number sin the box score seem to be from some other game. It says both teams had 32 rebounds and that we had 16 offensive rebounds to their 7. I thought we were getting killed on the boards. Of course, you are going to have more offensive rebounds the more shots you missed and we missed 39 shots to their 17. We also had 7 “team” rebounds – where nobody actually gets the ball but it’s off them as it goes out of bounds. The other team gets to set up of their defense and challenge the inbounds pass on those so they don’t create the possibilities a normal rebound creates. Finally, many of Tech’s 15 steals came right after our rebounds. We got only 11 points off of our 16 offensive rebounds. They got 8 from their 7.


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Sep 5, 2011
it's of utmost importance that we show up and at least give DUKE a game. national audience. no excuses.
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