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Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- I love college football more than any level of any sport but it’s bene impossible to enjoy this year because SU keeps stinking up the joint in Noon games, putting me in a miserable state such that the last thing I want to do is watch another football game.

- I always try to use the power of positive thinking before each play, imagining a positive result, but it’s getting harder and harder to visualize anything good happening. We shouldn’t be trying to survive on ‘belief without evidence’ in a coach’s 5th year.

- Liberty came in here fully expecting to get their first ever ACC win and did so, easily. They celebrated their achieve in “our house”. They were the mantis. We were the lizard:
- After losing the rushing battle last week 28-363, we lost it this week 97-338. You can’t win games with those deficits. Sean Tucker is a talented runner but he had to fight his way to the line of scrimmage or pull out and find daylight somewhere else to get his yards. Shedrow Louis and Peyton Picket would run through wide open holes and be off to the races. I remember a discussion that the 3-3-5 might be vulnerable to a steady running attack but with the numbers we have behind the line of scrimmage, at least we weren’t giving up the huge plays we did in 2019. Well, in this game, there often wasn’t even an SU player in the picture as the runner burst to the goal line. Where was everybody?

- Malik Willis, with an arm brace on due to a shoulder injury, completed 16 of 20 passes, 80%. Rex Culpepper, with no such encumbrance, was only 19 for 40, (47.5%). We kept taking deep shots but rarely connected, even though our receivers would be breaking open. Harris had an awful drop but many times the passes were inaccurate. A healthy Tommy DeVito would probably have had 5-6 TD passes in this game. Rex got 3, which isn’t bad but wasn’t enough. Rex did have some success passing short and over the middle but we didn’t do it nearly enough.

- We got two more turnovers but again got no points from them. One of them terminated a long Flame drive, which was good, (a lot of our turnovers come in those situations, leaving us to go the length of the field to capitalize on them). The other should clearly have produced points, giving us the ball on the Liberty 14. We went backwards to the 23, then got an 18 yard play to Harris would couldn’t quite get to the yard line needed. Then Tucker got stuffed on 4th and 1 at the 5.

- We thought the penalty problem had been fixed but in this games we got called for 10 penalties for 80 yards compared to 4 for 50 for the flames. A couple of ours were personal fouls by veteran players. We had two straight holds on Nykeim Johnson kick-off returns that he had taken to the SU 45 and 47 that resulted in our drive starting on the SU 19 and 16 instead.

- The most disappointing thing was what Dino pointed out: it wasn’t just inexperienced players that were making the mistakes: it was our veterans. Does the team lack leadership? Or is Dino losing this team? (By the way was Trill Williams ‘banged up’ as Matt Park was told or was in the doghouse for some violation?)

- The sad thing is that we managed to stay within range again, despite being dominated. We’ve lost four games. In the first, the game was 6-10 going into the fourth quarter. In the second, it was 10-14 until the last minute of the third quarter. Against Duke it was 24-30 in the fourth quarter. In this game it was 21-35 with 8:45 left. The problem is, we are so inconsistent, 9at best) on offense, we can’t take advent age of those situations any more than we can take advantage of turnovers.

- The next game is Clemson who just waxed Georgia tech 73-7, (and it wasn’t even that close: it was 52-7 at halftime). That game will not be 6-10, 10-14, 24-30 or 21-35 in the fourth quarter.

- 1-10, here we come!

- Vegas wins again.

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