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The Downside- Louisville


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Aug 26, 2011
- Our offensive line is full of veteran players but they made an amazing number of mistakes. W e has 8 false start penalties, 2 offsides and 2 illegal formations, (someday I’ll look up the difference). Virtually all of them were in the interior line, (there was also a holding penalty). We might have wrapped this game up much earlier but for all the penalties. There were also eleven rushing plays that gained two yards or less, including consecutive losses from the Louisville 2 before Garret Shrader found Oronde Gadsden for the score. Yes we gained 463 yards and scored 31 points, but it was an inconsistent performance from a very experienced group.

- After all the talk about playing Louisville with a fully healthy team, key players started going down like flies. Poor Chris Elmore, after deciding to come back for a 6th year, went down midway thought the first quarter clutching his knee. He was down a long time, had to be helped off the turf and then off the field and came back wearing a brace and crutches. Is the end for him? It would stink to have his final year here not even last one quarter.

- Then Sean Tucker went down in the second quarter, having scored our first two touchdowns. He was absolutely motionless for most of a minute with his face on the turf. He looked like he was out cold. They turned him over and finally got him up to walk unsteadily under his own power. I thought for sure that he was done for the day and would have to go through a concussion protocol. I was amazed that he appeared for the second half and played well. I’m sure they are going to do all they can to be careful with the guy and his future but it seemed strange that he’d be back to play in the same game after that.

- Then one of our three great linebacker, Stefon Thompson, went down in the second half and had to be helped off the field. He also later showed up on crutches. As I said in my preview, I’m impressed with our starters in that unit but am unsure about the depth. Fortunately, the depth looked pretty good today. I also saw Mikel Jones walking stiffly after one tackle but he walked it off. Duce Chestnut was also down for a time but left the field under his own power. It was a rough game but we can’t afford to lose people of this caliber and certainly not at his rate.

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