The Downside - NC State I |

The Downside - NC State I


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Aug 26, 2011
- The first half was a horror show that revealed the weaknesses of this team. We got killed inside and didn’t cover the shooters on the outside. We did well on the boards early but then fell behind. We hit 4 for our first 7 threes, then missed 6 of 7. We fell behind by 11 and were down by 9 at the half against a team whose best player was out of the season. It looked like another blow-out loss in a game we should have been able to win, the kind of defeat that could send us into a downward spiral and imperil not only our chances for the NCAA tournament but even the NIT and the continuation of our 50 year streak of winning seasons. We won and still have those goals in tact. But it really looked like the ship was sinking. In that first half. What will it look like on Wednesday?

- After we made the comeback and grabbed the lead, we couldn’t make them go away. And when we were trying to close it out, we seemed to not know how to do it. Getting the ball to Alan Griffin in that situation is like asking for a turnover. We were hesitant to get the ball to Kadary because he’s our worst free throw shooter but this year, our worst free throw shooter is shooting 74% so why not get it to him? And Quincy Guerrier ignored the Golden Rule, at least the one that applies at the end of close basketball games: don’t even let the refs have a chance to make a call, especially when you are guarding a three point shooter.

- Speaking of the officiating, how did NC State enter the final minute with only two second half fouls? They were hammering our guys, especially Guerrier, on the other end. On one play, Guerrier was tackled, fell to the floor and was then tripped over and a foul was called on him. We didn’t get our share of the out of bounds calls, either.

- Not a Joe Girard game. He was 2 for 10, including 1 for 5 from the arc. He’s hitting 34.4% from there, which isn’t great but isn’t bad. The real problem is not the long shots. It’s the two point shots, where he’s only shooting 33.3%, which is truly terrible. He can get buy his man off the dribble but then has no idea what to do with the ball. He gets surrounded by bigger players, (that’s all there are in there), and can’t get a shot off over them and even if he can find a seam and get the to the basket, he can’t finish. He can’t even finish on the break. As JB says, all three guard swill play but he’s more of a threat against a zone than a man-for-man and a better two guard than a point man.
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Aug 27, 2011
With 5 points up in the last minute, I was certain we were going to blow the lead and lose. And then we did! But didn’t lose.

Here is a good downside question: why aren’t the players wearing mouth guards any more?


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Feb 27, 2012
Girard getting past his defender on the right side, and then pump faking, allowing the center to come over and really block his shot was a funny play.

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