The Downside- NC State II


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- NC State got 19 offensive rebounds, which negates a lot of our good defensive play. But we continued to play that good defense when they got the ball back and they got only 14 second chance points, most of those early in the game. Still, it’s not a stop unless you wind up with the ball.

- We got called for 19 fouls to a dozen for the Wolfpack. They went to the line 23 times, three on a totally bogus flop by Braxton Beverly, (Greg Louganis gave it a 10.0). DJ Funderburke lived at the line, going 10 for 12. At one point in the second half, the refs called fouls on SU 5 times in 7 NC State possession and they got 8 points out of free throws in that stretch. What was funny is that after every foul they showed a shot of the SU bench and Frank Anselem was using his 7-5 wingspan to do a “Chris the Redeemer” imitation. (That’s the statue over Rio.) The refs were unmoved.


- One reason State got so many three point opportunities was that we are still allowing too much penetration into the lane and passes to players directly under the basket.

- Buddy Boeheim had a fantastic game but did get his pocket picked a couple of times. Also Jesse Edwards won’t be adding the play were he fell down driving to the basket and the ball went out of bounds to his highlight reel.
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