The Downside - Virginia II


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Aug 26, 2011
- We lost and to the committee, a win is a win and a loss is a loss. We need a system that would consider both the degree of difficulty of the opponent and the margin of victory or defeat. (See “against ranked teams”.)

- Buddy has turned into an All-American, (maybe next year), but he didn’t get enough help from his teammates. Alan Griffin was 0 for 4. His only points came when he was fouled on a three pointer and sank all three. Joe Girard played a good floor game but he was 1 for 8, his three points coming on one shot which he tried to duplicate but couldn’t. Marek Dolezaj ahs never developed the mid-range game that could have served him and the team well: he was 2 for 4. Robert Braswell hit a couple of big threes in the first half and missed a couple in the second half. Kadary Richmond could have taken Kihei Clark to the cleaners but it’s obvious that he’s not over his leg injury and wasn’t much help with 2 points. Jesse Edwards tried going against Huff for two minutes and couldn’t get anything done. It wasn’t enough.

- Marek spent too much time underneath the basket: how was he going to help us there?

- You know that old joke about the ‘indestructable black box’ on airplanes: “Why don’t they make the plane of that? Our plane was headed down at 61-67 with 1:55 left when JB called a time out and set up the press. Buddy made a shot, Marek made a steal, Quincy made a shot. We were immediately back in it. The Whos were wondering “What…?” and started making mistakes, including a 5 second call the refs swallowed. We came back to tie it and set up the finale. Everybody knows Virginia doesn’t like to be sped up. Why not do that 3-4 times a game? Heck, what would happen if we pressed them the whole game? We’ve got enough players to do it.

- The ----- reffing. Huff grabs the rim in the first half to stuff in a follow shot, no call. He knocks down Quincy under the basket. Clean block. The 5 second call that never came, (the radio guys checked and it was 6 seconds). We took 33 two point shots and were fouled 14 times, ((2.36). They took 20 and were foul a dozen times, (1.67). It was the same against NC State (2.58 to 2.16). We had a 10 game streak this year in which the other team was more likely to draw a foul call. All ACC games. It matters.
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