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Aug 26, 2011
- We were glad to get out of the Colgate game unscathed by injuries. Not so today. Star wide-out, errr…‘tight end’ Oronde Gadsden went down early and was seen on crutches and wearing a ‘boot’ afterwards. Dave Wohlabaugh Jr. had to be helped off the field. Matt Park asked Dino about them after the game and said “We won’t have Dave for a while”. Interestingly, he didn’t say that about Oronde. In the presser, he said Oronde would be evaluated and they would see if he can play next week. Adam Terry said that a big difference would be whether it was a high ankle sprain, which takes a long time to get over and sometimes requires surgery. From Dino’s comments, I would guess maybe it isn’t.

- LeQuint Allen gained just 20 yards on 8 rushes. He scored 3 times, which is great but that’s an average of 2.5 yard per carry. Through the first half, we seemed to be distinctly avoiding running the ball – against a MAC team. Dino said that they were “over-loading the run box” and he didn’t want to “pedal our bike uphill” But should we be able to impose our will on a MAC team? What happens when we face a team that can cover our receivers? Price and Daniels each had 22 yard second half runs with both teams playing reserves but were 20 carries for 60 yards otherwise. Garrett Shrader told Chris Carleson that Kalan Ellis and Joe More would be back next week. We’ll see what difference they can make.

- When Dino made Damein Alford a captain, I speculated it was because the inconsistency the talented receiver had shown that had held him back from Gadsden-level stardom was gone. I now wonder if it was an attempt by Dino to motivate Damien to become the player he can be by urging him to live up to what the ‘C’ on his jersey is supposed to mean. Again Dino: When Damien’s wearing the ‘C”, that represents something. I expect my C’s – there are six of them – To play outstanding. He understands what the standards are and all the other receivers understand what the standards are. Playing wide receiver at Syracuse University for Michael Johnson, Mr. Beck and myself is not an easy deal. There’s six eyes on them all the time and our standards are extremely high and they understand and they need to meet our standards.” This was reference to what should have been a touchdown pass to a wide-open Alford in the WMU ends zone after the visitors had taken the lead and we had to settle for a field goal. Imagine if it had come against Purdue or Clemson. That’s what Dino is imagining.

- Carlos Del Rio Wilson looked last week like going from first string to second string at that position wasn’t much of a come down as he completed 10 of 13 passes for 149 yards and 3TDs with no interceptions. He didn’t look like that today, going 5 for 9 for 59 yards and no scores.
Every throw is a fast ball. He doesn’t sense pressure or throw on the run like Shrader, (that could come when he has as much experience as Garrett does). I was impressed when CDRW got hit, listed to port and yet threw across his body and put it in the hands of a receiver well down field. The pass was broken up but he looked like a guy who can make throws nobody else can. We’ll see what he looks like next week. Or we won’t.

- DeMarcus Adams looked like a firecracker last week on the punt returns: sure handed, fast and aggressive. This week he looked aggressive. He tried to field a side-winder punt that was headed out of bounds. That went off his hands. He had a petty good return late in the game – until he was tackled and put the ball on the turf again. Fortunately, his teammates covered it for him. Again, something that can’t happen against better opponents.

- The Carlos Vettorello Award once again goes to Chris Bleich, who again had two false starts. Chris, you are a redshirt senior. You are in your 5th year of college ball. Come on, man!

- The refs had so many lengthy discussions I thought I was watching C-Span. There were some questionable calls and no-calls but getting the down wrong is unforgivable.
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