The quesition I would have asked JB tomorrow night |

The quesition I would have asked JB tomorrow night


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Aug 26, 2011
There will be no Jim Boeheim Show tomorrow night as we haven't played anybody since the last show and he's done interviews discussing the Covid situation in depth. I confirmed this in a call to the Orange Nation Radio show, which is on the same channel and features Paulie Scibilia, who produces the Boeheim show.

So I asked Paulie and Steve Infante the question I was going to ask JB. Considering the loss of two non-conference games to the ACC's extended schedule and the mess we are in at the moment, isn't it asking too much to also play in a three-games-in-three-nights tournament, the Acc-Big Ten challenge and multiple games against former Big East rivals? I suggested maybe in future schedules we should either skip a tournament or make it one of those 'classics' where they feed us a couple of beatable teams in the Dome so we can play a couple of games in New York and maybe just play one former rival.

The suggestion didn't go over too well. Paulie said that if we backed off on the schedule "People will think that we aren't 'Syracuse' anymore. I suggested maybe we aren't but he wants us to maintain the stance that we are and that we shouldn't be afraid of playing anybody. Steve acknowledged that it was at least a relevant question but he likes the idea of an aggressive schedule because it gives us a better chance at quality wins. He said that we wouldn't even be discussing this if we'd beaten Colgate and at least one of VCU and Georgetown.

But we didn't. Aggressive scheduling also gives us a chance to lose more games and that won't convince anyone that we are still 'Syracuse'. And the ACC may not be looking good right now but that could change by the end of the season. Do we really need to pack the 11 game non-conference schedule with potential 'quality wins' at the risk of a losing record that would prevent us from achieving any of our goals and would make it look as if the problem is slipping further down the ladder? I think the loss of the two non-conference games to the expanded ACC schedule is the game-changer here and forces us to reconsider things.


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Aug 27, 2011
We should never turn down a prestige tournament like Atlantis or Maui. And we will never trun down the Jimmy V, at least while JB is coach. That's why we played Nova this year. Not an effort on our part to play a Big East rival. Complete anomaly that we had both in the same year. Add that we are locked into the ACC - Big10 challenge and you have the challenging offseason schedule we have this year. I suppose we could have begged out of Georgetown this year, but that is arguably the easiest of our "marquis" opponents.

It's not the Villanova and Auburn games that have led to our disappoining start. It's Colgate, Georgetown, and to some degree VCU.


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Mar 30, 2019
I would have asked:

“what the f***?”

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