The season starts in 3 weeks! |

The season starts in 3 weeks!


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Jan 5, 2015
We have a scrimmage vs. HC, and then a bye. That will give us 3 weeks to heal up, and get our O-line healthy, Williams, Iffy, and Cisco back. 2 weeks for Tommy and the Wr's to further develop their budding chemistry.Still a lot on the table. Orange bowl, top 25, 10 wins, all still attainable. Nobody is beating Clemson in the Atlantic, so our only league loss so far, isn't a back breaker.
Offense showed some strides today, but is far from a well oiled machine.We can win every game left on the schedule. I rank the remaining games from hardest to easiest.
Disclaimer: I'm not calling any game easy, with the except Holly Cross. From NC State-L'ville, we can certainly lose any game.

NC State: On the road on a Thursday night following a bye. Always tough. A team with more talent than us. I know they got rolled last week vs WVU, but time, place, and circumstance make this really tough.

Florida State- Tough road environment. Loaded with talent. If they can get it together by 10/26, this will be a bit tougher.

Wake Forrest- The Wake QB frightens me. 69-100, 69%, 927 yards, 7 td's 1int, and runs well. Glad it's home. Last game of the year, so both teams should have a lot on the line. Maybe a trip to the Orange Bowl.

Pitt- Just's Pitt. Beat a really good UCF team today that hasn't lost a regular season game since 2016. Clash of styles.

Duke- Not sure if I put this one here, or 1 notch higher. They got smoked vs. Bama, but about 99% of teams would too. They've
eaten more cupcakes than this guy:
Image result for fat guy cupcakes

but have won them all in blowout fashion. Cutcliff is a very good coach. Being on the road for what is likely to be a sleepy noon game in a sterile environment makes this one tougher to me than BC.

Boston College- Another clash of styles. Being at home helps. I was very high on B.C. initially. Brown can sling it this year. Impressive win vs VT, but turns out VT isn't that impressive. Then get killed at home by freakin' Kansas. They've won 23 games in 10 years. They would lose to A LOT of FCS teams. BC is still dangerous though.

Louisville- Impressive first half vs. ND. They still have athletes, and a great coach. Will be on the road in a hostile environment on their senior night.

Holly Cross: If I get 1 comment about "don't look ahead", or "don't take them lightly"...I don't play for the team. I will both look ahead, and take them lightly. C'mon, not even under G-Rob, did we lose to an FCS.

We finish 6-6
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