The Steves - My Final List (What's Yours?)

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    My final list of my favorite films for each year is below. Films that also won the Oscar are in bold. Again, keep in mind that I haven't seen all the top films for every year, (especially recent years). I felt I couldn't rank them unless I'd seen them in their entirety. it's not a list of my 91 favorite films: there are films that didn't win in some years that I would rate ahead of films that won in other years. And they are just my opinion, which doesn't out-rank anyone else's. That's why I'm inviting you to make your own list or to simply list the substitutions you'd make.

    1927 Sunrise

    1928 The Crowd

    1929 The Iron Mask

    1930 All Quiet on the Western Front

    1931 The Public Enemy

    1932 Grand Hotel

    1933 Queen Christina

    1934 Tarzan and His Mate

    1935 Mutiny on the Bounty

    1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade

    1937 Dead End

    1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood

    1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    1940 The Grapes of Wrath

    1941 Citizen Kane

    1942 Casablanca (it went into general release in January 1943 and won the 1943 oscar but was first shown publically in November 1942)

    1943 The Ox Bow Incident

    1944 Laura

    1945 Rome, Open City

    1946 The Best Years of Our Lives

    1947 Miracle on 34th Street

    1948 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    1949 The Third Man

    1950 Sunset Boulevard

    1951 An American in Paris

    1952 Singin' in the Rain

    1953 Shane

    1954 On the Waterfront

    1955 Richard III

    1956 Friendly Persuasion

    1957 The Bridge on the River Kwai

    1958 South Pacific

    1959 Ben-Hur

    1960 Inherit the Wind

    1961 The Guns of Navarone

    1962 Lawrence of Arabia

    1963 Tom Jones

    1964 Zorba the Greek

    1965 Doctor Zhivago

    1966 Hawaii

    1967 Cool Hand Luke

    1968 Funny Girl

    1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    1970 Little Big Man

    1971 Duel (A TV movie that got a theatrical release and so was on Wikipedia’s list)

    1972 The Godfather

    1973 Papillon

    1974 The Godfather Part II

    1975 Jaws

    1976 Rocky

    1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    1978 Days of Heaven

    1979 Apocalypse Now

    1980 Airplane!

    1981 Ragtime

    1982 Sophie's Choice

    1983 The Right Stuff

    1984 Amadeus

    1985 Cocoon

    1986 The Color of Money

    1987 Empire of the Sun

    1988 Rain Man

    1989 Cinema Paradiso

    1990 Dances with Wolves

    1991 The Silence of the Lambs

    1992 A League of Their Own

    1993 The Remains of the Day

    1994 The Shawshank Redemption

    1995 Apollo 13

    1996 Jerry Maguire

    1997 Titanic

    1998 Saving Private Ryan

    1999 The Green Mile

    2000 Cast Away

    2001 A Beautiful Mind

    2002 Chicago

    2003 Love Actually

    2004 Ray

    2005 Good Night, and Good Luck

    2006 The Queen

    2007 La Vie en Rose

    2008 Slumdog Millionaire

    2009 Up

    2010 The King's Speech

    2011 The Artist

    2012 Life of Pi

    2013 Gravity

    2014 Birdman

    2015 Brooklyn

    2016 Deepwater Horizon

    2017 The Shape of Water
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    I really enjoyed your “Steves” list. Gave me something to look forward to reading everyday. Hope to see more lists like this in the future. Maybe TV series next?
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    I have so many DVD collections and watch so many sporting events and old movies that there have been very few series TV shows I've watched since about the 1990's. What I might do, instead of a year by year thing is a top ten for each genre. I'd mostly be supplying old shows and people who watch the shows from recent years more than i have can add their views. I'm not going to start immediately but I'll get back to this in a while.
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    That'd be great. I'm like you in that I enjoy more of the older shows and there aren't that many recent shows I've watched on a regular basis.