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Aug 26, 2011
- We made a silk purse out of sow’s ear in the second half. 6-4 Garrett Shrader and his tall receivers, 6-6 Damien Alford, 6-3 Omari Hatcher, 6-1 Donovan Brown and 6-4 Dan Villari took over. Army had no DB’s above 5-11 or 6 feet so they were good targets and The Shredder hit them over and over again, going 21 for 26 (81%) for 245 yards. He got only one TD pass but 13 passing first downs.

- Alford had his best career game, catching everything throw to him, including a couple of leaping or diving grabs along the sideline for 9 catches and 135 yards, even though he didn’t get a score. Dino praised him for earning that ‘C’ on his uniform by gaining the trust of his teammates and he certainly lived up to it with his play today.

- And that opened up the rushing attack. “Junior” Allen went from 8 carries for 22 yards to 12 more carries for 82 yards and a TD and Shrader himself had 10 carries for 50 yards and another score. We actually wound up out-rushing Army 168-127, 4.3 per carry to 2.7.

- Those two long Army drives were impressive, but they were basically all they got, outside or the 80 pass play they got on the first play the reserves were in. They gained incredible 124 of their 127 rushing yards on those drives and 139 of the 190 total yards they had before that pass play, which was their last play from scrimmage.

- Unsung hero: Jack Stonehouse, who was back in from after a poor game at Purdue. He averaged 51 yards on three punts. Those punts put Purdue deep in their own territory, where they were less inclined to go for it on fourth down and more including to punt the ball back to us when we stopped them in three plays. Army extended their streak of successful fourth down conversions to 13 before we forced them to pass for it on a 4th and 8 in the fourth quarter and the ball was knocked away.

- Brady Denaburg hit his first field goal from distance with a 46 yarder in the fourth quarter. The only kickoff that was returned was after the mysterious unsportsmanlike call on Hatcher and he had to kick-off from the 20. None of Army’s were returned, either. RIP to the most exciting play on the sport.

- Anwar Sparrow had a couple great plays in a row: He sacked Bryson Daley for a 10 yard loss, then got a hold of his ankle as he tried to make a throw. The ball was intercepted by Justin Barron, which set Denaburg up for the field goal that completed our scoring.

- We've won all our games by at least two touchdowns and could have won each by more if we'd wanted to. We’ve now swept the non-conference schedule for the first time since we’ve been in a conference. We now know that we will still have a winning record after we finish playing the Clemson-North Carolina-Florida State run with nothing but lesser teams left to play. Now if we could get a win, (or two?) in that three week gauntlet, this could be quite a season.

4-0 with 8, (or 9) to go

Let’s Go Orange!
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