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Aug 26, 2011
- A while back I was watching an Abbott and Costello movie. Costello had to fight a guy. Abbott told him to “Give him the old 1-3!” Costello looked at him and asked “What happened to ‘2’?” Abbott replied, “You get that.” Well, we gave the BC Eagles the Old 1-2-3 in the third period to take control of this game and it was a beautiful thing to see. It was our revenge for that awful second quarter in the Dome against this same team two years ago when they blew that game open with a 50 yard pass, a 51 yard run and a 74 yard run, all for TDs in 3 minutes and 40 seconds to t urn a 20-17 SU lead into a 20-38 game. In this one, we got a 51 yard run, a 48 yard run and a 64 yard punt return, all for TDs in 4 minutes and 53 seconds to turn a 0-6 game into a 21-6 game. So there!

- There are 130 FBS teams. The 65th ranked offensive team scores 29 points a game. You need 30 to win an average football game these days. We didn’t get it. Why did we win? It was the 6, not the 21, as thrilling as that outburst was. In the fittest period, BC got to our 28 but turned it over on downs. On the next possession they went 3 and out. Then they got to our 14 but we held them to a field goal. Then we forced a punt with a sack. Then they got to our 40 but we forced a punt. Then a 10 yard sack on first down put them in a hole they couldn’t get out of and they punted. Then they drove to our 5 but lost two yards in 3 plays and settled for a field goal. Then they had 3 and outs after the two long TD runs and the second punt was returned for a third TD. Then they had a long drive to the Syracuse 15ruiend by a super high snap that lost 22 yards. After an incomplete pass and a sack, they again punted. Their next possession was a 3 and out Then, after they got a long punt return, we had a goal line stand, stopping them on fourth down from 1. They never got the ball back. That’s how games were won in the old days.

- This is the best tackling Syracuse team I have ever seen. One-on-one and you’re done! We had 5 sacks and 9 TFLs.

- We were out-passed 65-180 but won the game by out-rushing the Eagles 293-71. That’s also old school.

- Sean Tucker had his biggest game yet with 26 carries for 207 yards and 1 TD. He now has 1,267 yards on 201 carries, (6.3) and 11 touchdowns. That’s the third most rushing yards in a season in SU history, topped only by Joe Morris (1,372 in 1979) and Walt er Reyes (1,347 in 200#0. He’ll get them in our next game (Louisville, two weeks from now). This was the 14th 200-yard rushing game in SU history and the 9th highest total. Morris had a 252 yards game vs. Kansas, Reyes 241 vs. Central Florida, Dee Brown 239 vs. Rutgers, Reyes 237 vs. Rutgers, (heh..heh…) Damien Rhodes 236 vs. Buffalo, Larry Csonka 216 vs. West Virginia, Floyd Little 216 vs. Tennessee in the Gator Bowl and Prince Tyson-Gulley vs. West Virginia in the Pinstripe Bowl then Tucker today. The other 200 yard games were Csonka, 204 vs. California, Morris 203 vs. Navy, Malcolm Thomas 201 vs. Houston in the Liberty Bowl, Rhodes 200 vs. Temple and Eric Dungey 200 vs. Western Michigan. Sean maintained his league in the national rushing race by yards over Michigan State’s Kenny Walker, who had 197 yards and 5 TDs today vs. undefeated Michigan. That gave him 1,194 yards. But he’s played one fewer game, has a higher average per game (149.25 vs. 140.78), (175 carries for 6.8 vs. 6.3) and now has more rushing touchdowns 14 vs. 11), so he will continue to get the big publicity and deserves it. But I think our guy is just as good – and he’s still technically a freshman. Walker is a junior.

- One again, Trebor Pena didn’t return a kick for a touchdown. In fact, he did play at all due to an injury. But Courtney Jackson did. We have great depth in kick returners.

- Andre Szmyt wasn’t asked to do much but there was no problem on his three extra points. James Williams punted for a 43 yard average, although that’s will some favorable rolls. He still punts it too low. He seemed to get a little extra oomph standing in the end zone with his back to the end line. I think it did him some good.

- I think we could all use the bye.

5-4 with 3+ to go


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