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Aug 26, 2011
- I survived. In the end, these are just games and I’m just a fan. I’ll watch a big fight tonight and rake leaves tomorrow. The people really hurting are the players and coaches. But they’ll survive, too, and play other games and do many other things in their lives. A close friend just lost his mother on Thursday. I double he cares who won these games. If the worst thing in your life is that you lost a game, you’ve got it made.

- Joe Girard continued his superb early season play with 27 points, 7 rebounds, (more than twice as many as Swider and Williams combined) and 8 assists. He had 3 turnovers in 34 minutes despite not getting much help. He finally missed a three but was still 5 for 8, making him a stunning 13 for 16, (81%) for the season. I’m actually glad he missed because he needs to have his mind on winning games, not nursing a streak.

- The Boeheims performed well, if not with their usual efficiency. Buddy was only 2 for 6 from outside but still got his 19 points because of the versatility he’s added to his game. As a freshman, going 2 for 6 would have resulted in a single digit scoring game. Jimmy only shot 3 for 10 from the field but still scored 11 points because he got 11 rebounds and got to the line 7 times, making 5.

- Colgate is no joke. They are 82-36 over the last four seasons, including 14-2 last year when the Patriot League wouldn’t let them play in the NCAAs. The almost beat NC State, had a bad shooting game against Cornell and great one tonight. Hopefully they’ll have a great regulars season, win their tournament and make a great run in the NCAAs, (if the league lets them) so we won’t look back at this as the embarrassment it seems like now. And congratulations to the Raiders for a well-earned victory in a series where they hadn’t won since JFK was in the White House.

- Maybe the team needed a kick in the pants before they go to Atlantis. Maybe they needed to realize how hard they have to work to be a real good team. It’s worked before. And JB has made a career out of bringing along teams that looked bad at times during the season and making them into good teams by the end of the year.

2-1 with 28+ to go.


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