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The Upside- Drexel


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Jimmy Satalin said at halftime that it “was good for Syracuse to be in this situation”. We were down 32-33 and I wasn’t quite feeling the same way. After yesterday’s football debacle, the prospect of losing to Drexel when the basketball team has no room for error; whatever non-conference losses we have must be in the Bahamas or against Indiana, Villanova or maybe Georgetown, not Drexel, and there better not be too many of them. But the team responded to the situation, (and Coach Boeheim’s halftime wisdom) to immediately take the lead and build on it until the lead reached 75-52. It was fun to relax.

- Our centers, Jesse Edwards and Frank Anselem played 37 minutes, score 14 points on 7 for 8 from the field and pulled down 10 rebounds while blocking 4 shots and making 4 steals. JB said he would take that any day. I doubt we will lose many games when we get that from our centers. What impressed me was that both Edwards and Anselem played well. Frank had looked like very much a junior partner in prior games but they were both very good tonight. Habemus Centerum!

- Buddy Boeheim was easily the game’s leading scorer with 23 points. What intrigues me is how he got them. He was three for 6 from the three point arc. But he was 5 for 10 inside of it and got to the line to make all four free throws. He also had 4 assists and a couple steals. He’s become a complete player, (although at 6-6 he might be able to get more than one rebound). Satalin said that “People don’t realize how big he is, not only in terms of height but in terms of size.” He meant that at 6-6 205, Buddy has the height and strength to play over smaller defenders. He also has the maneuverability to get by taller defenders, making him almost impossible to guard one-on-one.

- All the shooters give players like Jimmy Boeheim and Benny Williams plenty of room to maneuver inside the arc. Both are player who can shoot, dribble-drive or pass through the middle of an extended defense. Jimmy’s game is more advanced right now. It will be interesting to see if that’s still true at season’s end. I can see them playing the role Josh Pace and Billy Edelin did for our national title team. Picture an octopus or squid with its tenacles extended, the suction cups pulling the prey towards its beak, which chews them up on the inside. The shooters are the tenacles that stretch the defense. Jimmy and Benny are the beak.
- Joe Girard has now made all 8 of this three pointers. You wonder how long this can go on. But there’s no need to wonder why. With Buddy and Cole Swider, he doesn’t have to be the big gun yet he has the talent to be one if the opportunity presents itself. He shoots when the sees that opportunity and he’s going to hit a high percentage of those shots.

- Cole Swider didn’t have a big shooting night but he showed he’s much more than just a shooter. He made 1 for 4 from outside but 3 for 4 driving to the basket while pulling down 5 rebounds, passing for 4 assists and making a remarkable 5 steals. He’s not a guy who will go into a funk when the shots don’t fall, (pointing at you, Allen Griffin!).

- As a team, we had 20 takeovers, 25 points off them, 15 fast break points and 40 points in the paint. Satalin said that Syracuse is running more than we’ve seen in years, which is good news if you like Syracuse basketball.

- This sure beat talking about the Louisville game.

2-0 with 29+ to go.



Woman of a certain age
Aug 27, 2011
Love the octopus! When I was in Indonesia, I saw one 5 feet long.

Jimmy is a revelation to many of us. He hustles, can shoot with either hand, and seems to be “there” a lot. We thought Cole might be good, and we were right! The two of them are a big (so to speak) reason this team is good and I think will be great.

Buddy has come into his own. He was so fluid out there. You felt like he could do anything he wanted. In the first half he was a little off, but not in the second.

I like Frank but I like Jesse even more. He has such hustle and he turns and throws the ball into the basket. That is more than most of our centers have ever done! I can’t remember if either Jesse or Frank tried to dribble before they dumped it. I do remember one of them pivoting 360 on one foot before they found an angle to drop the ball in the basket.

Joe is fantastic and has a great attitude. He listens to Boeheim. He doesn’t get sulky. And 8 of 8? Come on!

Benny wants to and expects to be a star. I am sure Boeheim intends to help him. But it also seems clear he will be here two years, and I am glad because we are losing some great experienced players.

The crowd was low energy in the first half. I believe it was our fault that the guys didn’t hustle. That was corrected in the second half.


2nd String
Aug 28, 2011
That was Frank.

I remember shouting at the TV during that sequence "Just Dunk It!" Patience is a virtue, but it felt like it was two moves too many before the dunk.

Against bigger competition, he'll be doubled before he can finish.

But what production the two are giving so far... And how many times have we heard JB comment that "little teams give the big guys trouble" after we get nothing from center in these paid appearance early season games? So much better this way.

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