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Aug 26, 2011
- There’s nothing better finding a quarterback who, by his talents, can elevate the whole team. I remember in 1983 watching a Miami Dolphins – Buffalo Bills game. I’d bene a Dolphins fan since Larry Csonka was winning Super Bowls. The previous year they’d lost one with one David Woodley at quarterback. Don Shula finally decided to give young Dan Marino a shot and he threw three TD passes in a 35-38 loss. Despite the loss, I was happy because the Dolphins had found themselves a quarterback – for the next 17 season, as it turned out. You could just tell that a new era had begun. I know “Not so fast my friend” but this guy’s just better. He needs to learn touch and get on the same page with his receivers, who have to learn to expect bullets right into their hands. But Carlos is definitely the future of this program. He sees the whole field, has an arm that isn’t just super strong but can be amazingly accurate. He’s big and can run the ball. He senses where the rush is and - where it isn’t. On top of that, he doesn’t focus on one guy. He spread the ball around. He needs some refining but he’s the guy who could put this program on a new level. And with Shrader banged up, I think he’s going to get the chance to prove it.

- Andre Szmyt’s 54 yard field goal was one of the biggest of his career and it ignited a comeback that, unfortunately, was cut short by a tipped pass and a blocked kick.

- We almost had a blocked kick of our own when Damien Alford ran free at the Irish kicker. I don’t know how he missed it but hope to see him get more chances at it. You can’t teach 6-6 and quick.

- The yardage was only 286-362 and most of the margin of victory was the pick 6 and the blocked punt.

- Wake Forest had 8 turnovers and got killed by Louisville 21-48. Boston College scored 3 points on Connecticut. Pitt lost to UNC 24-42. Florida State looked pretty good against a bad Georgia Tech team. The Notre Dame game doesn’t count in the standings. The Orange Bowl is still on the table, as is double-figure wins for the season. The 2018 team also lost the week after the Clemson game and went 5-1 the rest of the way. Stay tuned.

6-2 with 4+ to go


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