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Aug 26, 2011
- Tonight was not the night.

- Is this really happening? Did Tyler Ennis really hit a 40 foot shot to beat Pitt at the buzzer in their own place to push our record to 24-0?

- Assuming I’m awake, that shot reminded me of one that has always stuck in my craw: when Notre Dame beat us 65-66 in the Dome on 2/17/90, (another SU team that had been ranked #1), on what I remembered as a 40 footer by Elmer Bennett. I found it on You-Tube, (check the 7:00 mark of the clip: Actually, this one was from farther out and Ennis did it all on his own. This time we broke the other team’s hearts.

- The roles were reversed for most of this game. We did the chasing and just wouldn’t let Pitt get away from us. We didn’t make a lot of threes, (6, same as Pitt), but we seemed to make one every time they threatened to pull away.

- Then, at the end of the game, form resurfaced as we went on a 10-2 run to win the game. Pitt made one field goal in the last 6:17 on Zanna’s “Lorenzo Charles” follow-shot.

- CJ Fair struggled much of the game but it should be remembered without his heroics, Ennis’ heroics wound not have mattered. He made a huge trey that got us to 51-54 with 1:42 left and then followed that with a jumper to close it to 53-54 with 52 seconds left.

- Trevor Cooney also had a couple of big threes. And Rak Christmas is developing a knick for finding him on the perimeter after the ball goes inside. I’ve always said that the shooting percentage on treys always goes up when the ball goes inside first. We get killed on that play all the time. Now we are doing the killing.

- Michael Gbinije played substantial minutes in the first half and played well, hitting a trey,(he’s now 11 for 23 on the season, 48%) going 4 for 4 from the foul line, pulling down three rebounds and passing for another buckets. I was thinking at the time that he might be our only upside. Fortunately, he wasn’t but I’m hoping he’ll continue to be one. He could make a big difference for us.

- Baye Keita’s absence was not a factor at all. Hopefully, he’ll be able to play in the next game and we can forget about the emergency plans.

- We have now set a school record with 24 straight wins. We are extremely likely to go into Cameron with a 26-0, 13-0 record. For the first time I’m beginning to believe running the table is possible. Heck, after tonight, anything seems possible.

- It’s Tyler Ennis’s world. We just live in it.

24-0, (11-0), with 7+ to go

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